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Destiny 2 Is Finally Bringing Back This Fan Favorite Character

Destiny 2's latest expansion, Beyond Light, launches on Nov. 10. Even with a few weeks to go, fans are already feeling the hype. A recent video posted by Bungie went behind the scenes of the next season of Destiny 2, Season of the Hunt, and it's definitely worth a look for players who are chomping at the bit for new content. In fact, there is one major revelation in Bungie's new mini-documentary that should have hardcore Destiny 2 fans very excited. Season of the Hunt will also feature the return of a fan favorite villain: Prince Uldren.


Throughout Bungie's behind the scenes video, developers detail several aspects of the game's production, including how the sound effects were created. There are also some exciting glances at a few of the weapons that will be available this season. Although these sneak peeks are pretty great on their own, the most exciting moment happens toward the end of the video.

The scene shifts to show Osiris attempting to make his way through a deadly Hive. The old warlock is suddenly ambushed by an enemy and knocked to the ground. Before anyone else can react, the beast is slain by a surprise attacker. Osiris' rescuer steps out of the shadows and is revealed to be none other than the resurrected Prince Uldren.


Prince Uldren is a character with a ton of backstory already attached to him. Uldren was originally introduced in Destiny, eventually serving as a major antagonist in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Uldren led a massive army of undead Fallen known as the Scorn. After being manipulated into opening the gates of the Dreaming City, Uldren was eaten alive by the giant Chimera known as the Voice of Riven. Uldren was subsequently executed for his crimes. Several months later, Uldren was resurrected by a Ghost and turned into a Lightbearer. However, Uldren's memories were completely scattered following his return to the land of the living.

The reveal of Prince Uldren's involvement is obviously something the folks at Bungie are extremely excited about. As explained in Bungie's video, players will finally get to see what happened after Uldren's surprise revival in the last moments of Forsaken. Uldren know goes by the name of "Crow" and he doesn't understand why people are so wary of him.

"We know what he's done, and we know what he could be capable of doing," said Cinematics Lead Matthew Ward. "So now we're going to spend some time watching him go back and forth, and it's gonna question how we look at him, how we look at ourselves, how we look at the Light, how we look at Darkness."


Aside from the return of Prince Uldren, there are plenty of other reasons for Destiny 2 players to be excited for Season of the Hunt. According to a blog post from Bungie, almost all of the seasonal content introduced in Season of the Hunt will be available throughout Year 4 of Destiny 2. This means that many of the story missions, raids, Artifacts, and more will be available for much longer than they have been with previous seasons. This is apparently Bungie's plan for subsequent seasons of the game, which will ensure that any players who might be late to the party won't feel like they've been shortchanged on content. 

Bungie explained, "We hope this alleviates some of the FOMO that has been present with past Seasons. Now you can jump back in and experience past Seasons' story, activities, and loot anytime during year 4."

Bungie seems to be dead set on rewarding fans who are invested in the lore of Destiny 2. Not only is it exciting for longtime players to see the return of Prince Uldren, but the game's next major expansion is finally unveiling a villain that has been teased numerous times in the past. Destiny 2: Beyond Light will see the full introduction of Eramus as a major antagonist. Eramus is one of the last living members of the House of Devils, and her goal seems to be to reclaim the glory that she believes is rightfully hers. To that end, she has created her own army and given them freezing Stasis abilities. As seen in the latest trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Eramus has no problem at all with laying waste to anyone in her way, even those who work for her.


With so much of Destiny 2's lore finally paying off in such big ways, the next few months are looking to be very exciting for the game's hardcore fans.