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We Finally Know More About Destiny 2's New Powers And Classes

A Bungie ViDoc dropped earlier today detailing what can be expected from Season of the Hunt — the first season in a new trilogy that kicks off in Destiny 2Beyond Light. In the video, the team at Bungie discussed a new direction for the game where players are able to explore darker paths versus the more virtuous focus in earlier installments. Even more exciting, fans now have an inside look at some fresh powers and classes that will debut with Season of the Hunt.


With a first-time exploration into a class of Darkness, a new set of powers will be introduced in the form of Stasis. Described as something of a "cosmic ice," Stasis will allow the player to freeze others, who may then be shattered into dangerous shards that can cause damage to anyone standing in their way. IGN elaborated on what will happen with Darkness subclasses, explaining "Titans will be able to become a Behemoth, Warlocks a Shadebinder, and Hunters a Revenant."

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will offer players the chance to add both aspects and fragments to their characters as a way of modifying each subclass. Aspects will have more powerful effects on the character, while fragments will not be class-specific. These elements can modify all power subsets, including the new Stasis abilities. One such example, as Game Rant explained, is the Warlock class having the power to freeze all nearby opponents. This will open up the door to more customization strategies as the player will have to weigh the pros and cons when building upon their characters' abilities.


The ViDoc continued to discuss other powers in the form of weapons and armor. For weapons, the No Time to Explain rifle will give the player a small time portal that assists by firing off its own set of ammunition alongside them. A new chainsaw sword called The Lament is also coming, which can use energy to give a character an exciting spinning slash combo.

New gear will also grant abilities to the wearer. The Titan class will gain access to exotic arm gear called Icefall Mantle, which will allow characters to turn a blast of stasis energy into a protective shield. The Warlock class will be able to equip Necrotic Grip, which will give the user a powerful melee attack that can mow down a large group of enemies.

A recent Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer packed with small details already prepared fans for what's to come in the new story, including Eramis and how she forms her army. The Stasis ability was previously shown off, so it's gratifying to finally know exactly how this new power will work.

Because Beyond Light was pushed out to launch the same day as the Xbox Series X, the game will face some tough competition. Gradually feeding fans information in the form of these ViDocs may help sustain interest in the interim, which could prove to be an effective strategy. And now that gamers have a better understanding of the new classes and powers, there's even more reason to be excited. With over 25K likes and almost 3,000 comments and counting, the reception seems mostly positive and a buzz is building.


Beyond Light will take a new approach as the first time fans will really get to explore a darker class of characters. This will push Guardians, who were always emblems of light and good, into a more gray area where players can see greater story conflict. It will present characters who are facing the moral dilemma of whether to remain true to the light or fight fire with fire. Such a new direction promises to be an exciting turn for anyone craving a fresh experience in a Destiny game.

Destiny fans can now begin planning how they will approach the next series of adventures and how they will use these new powers. With the launch so close at hand, will more details be revealed? Come Nov. 10, players will likely be ready to jump in full force, and hopefully Beyond Light will live up to the hype.