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The Underrated Cyberpunk RPG You Likely Never Played

Fans have anxiously awaited the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077 for some time now, but unfortunately, its repeated delays have disappointed gamers everywhere. Are you in need of getting your cyberpunk fix before Cyberpunk 2077 finally drops on Dec. 10? There's an underrated cyberpunk RPG that's been waiting for you all along.


Kotaku's Phil Owen described it as "The great RPG of last gen," yet it managed to go relatively unnoticed. All too often, games that show tremendous promise wind up flopping, and that's sadly what happened to Alpha Protocol.

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the game during its development, but after a series of delays, interest waned and it failed to impress both fans and critics. It sold poorly and was even removed from Steam, though physical copies exist for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not sure if Alpha Protocol is worth checking out? This is why you should give this underrated cyberpunk RPG a try.

What happened to Alpha Protocol?

Alpha Protocol is a third-person spy game that combines action combat with RPG elements and stealth. Even though this sounds like the makings of a great game, it did not go over well with fans. In fact, in his review on Kotaku, Owen actually acknowledged that the poor reception was not totally unjustified. Even so, he embraced it as "the best game ever."


Owen revealed his secret to getting the most out of Alpha Protocol, which is to play it on easy. From there, he went on to describe what makes it so special.

Alpha Protocol is short, but it offers incredible replay value in the form of a storyline that changes according to the way you approach the game. It also has a tone-based dialogue wheel that makes for some funny, contradictory interactions. 

Although the game did not do well in its day, it mysteriously saw a resurgence in popularity later on. Perhaps others have turned to Alpha Protocol as a way to keep themselves busy until Cyberpunk 2077 arrives. If you haven't played it yet, now is the perfect time to give this underrated RPG a shot.