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Fall Guys Has Big Plans For Season 3

Can't get enough Fall Guys? Are you loving all the new content found in Season 2? Perhaps you were disappointed that there wasn't more? Either way, you're in luck, because big things are in the works for Fall Guys Season 3!

An update was recently announced for Season 2 of Fall Guys in which the developers are implementing a new level, tweaks on current levels, general fixes, a revamped naming system, and a new character. Though this all sounds exciting, not everyone was enthusiastic about the new additions.

On Reddit, a user posted a graphic representing their disappointment in the update. In response, OliverAge24Artist, a community director on the Fall Guys Redditoffered some encouraging insight. OliverAge24Artist acknowledged that the lack of levels is a big topic of discussion among the developers, and that "Season 3 will have more levels than Season 2." They then explained that the team was expanding and, while they weren't able to deliver everything they had hoped, there are major plans for the next season. "We're really committed to improving it over time and filling it with new content," concluded the community director.

Things have moved very fast for this battle royale. Considering Fall Guys came out in early August and is supported by a relatively small group, it's perfectly understandable that the mid-season update might not be jam-packed with new levels. Considering how dedicated they are and the growth of the dev team, the future is certainly looking more promising.

The question has come up as to how long Fall Guys can hold onto its popularity. Within a month of its release, Twitch streamer Shroud made a grim prediction for the game. During a stream, he expressed some doubt over its lasting potential, stressing the importance of constant level and mode updates, or else it would "die real quick." Fortunately, it seems like the developers are doing everything they can to maintain their fan base.

Mediatonic, the studio behind Fall Guys, has proven to be responsive to community feedback. As cheaters became a huge problem, the developers came up with a solution to combat those troublesome players. Given this, the promise of a bigger game for Season 3 is reassuring. What other developments are in the works? As the team continues to grow, will Nintendo and Xbox fans finally get to play Fall Guys? Perhaps if there's enough demand, the game will be able to reach a wider audience after the new season drops.