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Xbox Series X Has One Bizarre Trick Up Its Sleeve

The Xbox Series X has finally been released, and critics have given the new console a positive reception. Now that the Series X is comfortably in many gamers' homes, people have been testing out its various functions. Some of these tests have been pretty normal fare, like seeing how much load times may improve when compared to the Xbox One. Other tests are considerably more bizarre and amusing. For instance: if you were wondering whether the Series X was capable of making ping pong balls float in the air, then you are in luck.


One of the more controversial aspects of the Xbox Series X's design is that it apparently runs at a pretty high temperature. This was seen as a major problem at first, but further testing helped to put that rumor to bed. According to a review from Windows Central, which used a thermal imaging camera on the Series X, the console's heat sink and internal fans kept it from getting too hot for customers to handle.

As discovered by Reddit user SnowFlakesMilkHoney, the excess heat and air given off from the Series X is enough to make a ping pong ball float above the console. SnowFlakesMilkHoney posted a photo of this phenomenon on Reddit along with the amusing caption, "Now I know what the Xbox Series X is used for."


The image of a ping pong ball levitating above the pricey new video game console delighted SnowFlakesMilkHoney's fellow Redditors. Almost immediately, other users chimed in with ways to make the picture even better. One user suggested recreating the startup screen for the original Xbox using a green ping pong ball. Another person joked that Xbox should advertise this as a feature and ship each Series X console with a ping pong ball in the packaging.

At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any video of this impressive feat in action. Still, it's only a matter of time before more Xbox Series X owners get in on the fun and try this out for themselves. That is, if they can first manage to get their hands on one of the consoles. 

Unfortunately, preorders for the next-gen console hit a snag when several Amazon customers were told that their consoles may not be coming in until nearly the end of the year. The launch of the Series X has been a bit of a mess overall, and fans aren't very happy.

Hopefully all of those issues will be resolved soon, and fans can get back to doing what matters: making ping pong balls float above their next-gen consoles.