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How To Use The PS5's Create Button

As the PlayStation 4's gamepad did before it, the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller is bringing a number of changes to its setup. This includes the new Create button, which replaces the PS4 controller's Share button.


Previously, the Share button allowed PS4 users to capture remarkable, hilarious, and embarrassing moments from games to save and later post on social media. In addition, the button allowed players to share their screen with other PS4 users and stream games to YouTube and Twitch.

The Create button, while not the DualSense's most game-changing feature, modifies the Share button's functionality a fair bit. Like the Share button, pressing the Create button brings up a UI. Unlike the Share button, the UI comes in the form of a black bar at the bottom of the screen, giving players the option to take screenshots or record previous or future gameplay clips in a number of different resolutions.

Recording gameplay and taking screenshots with the DualSense

When using the Create button to record previous gameplay, players can save gameplay clips of varying durations from up to the last hour of play at 60 frames-per-second and 1080p. Players can save in increments of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and more.


Players can select file types for both images and videos. For images, players can designate either JPG or PNG file types while players can designate WebM or MP4 file types for gameplay clips.

The Create button also allows players to sift through and edit their library of video clips and screenshots from their originally selected formats. This library also includes images from Trophy moments, which was an accessible feature on the PS4 as well.

Similar to the functionality of the PS4's Share button, players can also stream using the Create button's UI, where players can select the option to broadcast gameplay. This applies to PS5's entire game library, some of which finally have a release window.


The PlayStation 5 launches on Nov. 12, 2020, and includes one DualSense controller.