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We Finally Know When Kate Bishop Is Coming To Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics' Marvel's Avengers has been hampered by some pretty deflating news lately. Critics were none too happy with the game's bugs at launch, its DLC plans were pushed back, its next-gen versions have fallen into 2021, and its overall sales fell far below expectations.

But a recent update from the game's developers may point to a brighter future for the superhero-centric experience. A recent War Table breakdown provided fans with a closer look at Hawkeye's younger counterpart, Kate Bishop. The skilled archer will be arriving as a part of the first season for Marvel's Avengers content updates, which is set to introduce more iconic heroes, costumes, villains, and missions over time.

Come December 8, Bishop will become a playable member of the game's roster as a part of the Operation Taking AIM content update. The newly introduced hero's story takes place shortly after the conclusion of the game's main narrative and sees Bishop approaching the Avengers for their assistance. Bishop does so in hopes of locating and rescuing her buddy/mentor Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. Thanks to Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man's, technology, Bishop will embark upon a time-traveling adventure in hopes of saving the original Hakweye.

Bishop's combat skills were put on full display during the latest War Table presentation. She can pick off baddies from afar thanks to her master archer skills, and she can get up close and do damage as an expert swordsman. Along with those abilities, Bishop can also utilize her quantum technology-powered teleportation skills to warp up to her foes and maneuver through the air in an instant. She'll need to make good use of that impressive moveset if she has any hopes of defeating the game's newest boss, the Super Adaptoid. The Super Adaptoid is a formidable foe who can use all of the Avengers' abilities simultaneously.

At the close of Bishop's War Table presentation, players got a hint at the next incoming hero and what their questline will entail. Hawkeye is coming in 2021 and will be a part of a new Operation entitled Future Imperfect. Judging by the footage that was shown, it looks like he'll be exploring a desolate future that's ruled by Hulk's evil alter-ego, Maestro. Pay close attention to Maestro's collection of Marvel hero trinkets, and you'll even spot a special Black Panther tease.

A prior leak linked to Marvel's Avengers upcoming DLC characters noted that Wakanda's ruler would be one of the first ones introduced. Crystal Dynamics even showed off Black Panther's in-game logo during its launch week War Table, but it appears that they delayed his inclusion due to the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. Boseman is notable for playing the Black Panther within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.