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PSVR 2 May Be On The Way To PS5

Industry watchers have expected all along that Sony was planning to bring out a new version of PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) to go along with the PlayStation 5. Now, rumors of a new patent, granted on November 24, may reveal more about the next generation of PSVR. 


Publication of a patent for a new headset design was uncovered this week by the Dutch-language LetsGoDigital. The patent is titled "Pressure sensing to identify fitness and comfort of virtual reality headset" and was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) in mid-2016 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Its inventor is listed as Steven Osman, who is head of the PlayStation Magic Lab at SIE. 

According to the patent description, the headset generates signals to make sure the wearer has the headset on properly, resulting in a more comfortable experience. What kind of signals is currently unclear, as the patent mentions pressure, motion, and stretch sensors, along with a camera, as potential ways of determining proper fit. The sensors appear to be distributed around the headset, allowing for more information inputs than the current technology uses. It also allows for different profiles based on information such as whether the user is balding or wearing a hat.


The headset also looks like it will be designed to have LED and haptic feedback generators on it — yes, just like the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller – "for purposes to be shortly disclosed," the detailed description section of the patent says. This headset is meant to be used in combination with a Sony PlayStation or a PC.

LetsGoDigital notes that the images on the patent show two models of the headset that appear much lighter than the existing PSVR unit. One looks like a headband, while the other appears to resemble a set of glasses. But, the publication notes, this is a utility patent and not a design one, so the look of the PSVR 2 headset, if that is what the patent represents, may change. 

This is one of several patents that Sony has filed that has been linked to the PSVR 2. In 2019, Sony registered a patent for a headset featuring multiple cameras, a wireless setup, and new motion controllers. In September, a patent was published revealing a new VR controller for the Sony VR setup.

It remains unclear how long it'll be before PlayStation 5 owners will be able to buy a PSVR 2 to go with their shiny new consoles. Right now, players have to use the first-generation headset with the new system and play current VR games using backwards compatibility. A camera adaptor is available for free to PSVR users to make sure it works properly on the PlayStation 5.