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How To Visit Nintendo's Official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island

Nintendo's official Animal Crossing: New Horizons island is now open for visitors. The life simulation game's players have been visiting each other's islands since its release in March, and Nintendo decided to officially join in the fun. The Japanese entertainment giant revealed via Animal Crossing's Twitter account that players are able to freely explore Nintendo's island, aptly named "Ninten."


TheGamer's Jo Craig visited Nintendo's island to find that it featured an island representative named Nina, as well as a handful of animal villagers. Of course, Ninten was also filled with Easter eggs and references to some of Nintendo's most popular franchises, such as red mushrooms and a race car to represent the Mario franchise and its kart racing games. The island also included a playground and a detailed barbecue area with different food stations and a music stage.

Players who want to check out all that Ninten has to offer can follow the steps for visiting the island below.

Use Nintendo's Dream Address

As part of a Summer 2020 update, Nintendo introduced the ability for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players to visit islands via a dream. The island host is able to upload a version of their island to the cloud and receive a Dream Address, which can be shared with fellow players. This allows people to explore islands without both parties being online, and nothing on the island can be altered during the visit.


Nintendo revealed in the tweet that players can visit Ninten with this Dream Address: [DA-6382-1459-4417]. Simply sleep on any bed on your home island to access the dreams hub and enter the numbered code under "Search By Dream Address." Alternatively, if you'd like to explore other islands, Nintendo's Winter 2020 update introduced a "Surprise Me" option that will take you to a random player's island.

As TheGamer noted, there's certainly potential for Nintendo to add even more Easter eggs to Ninten, so the island may be worth checking on every so often.