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Destiny 2 Developer Finally Confirms Popular Fan Theory

The theory that Destiny 2 fans have been discussing for quite some time was finally confirmed this week. Game developer Bungie revealed that a romantic relationship does in fact exist between characters Osiris and Saint-14. The two Guardians are gay and "always have been," according to narrative director Robert Brookes.


Brookes took to Twitter to not only confirm the theory, but explain the importance of representation in Destiny 2 and what it means to him. He began by opening up about how he questioned his own sexual orientation in his younger years and didn't understand the concept of bisexuality due to a lack of educational materials. Because of his confusion, he wasn't treated as kindly, which drove him to push for more representation in video game characters today. "It helps you identify with yourself, understand yourself, and feel seen," Brookes wrote.

Brookes went on to elaborate that he always had a feeling Saint-14 and Osiris were romantically linked because "as a queer man, their romance made sense" to him. "They are private and nuanced characters. There was never a space in which to unequivocally state their identities," Brookes added. However, he did feel it was necessary to outright confirm the theory because "nuance is lost in an age of queerbaiting."


Brookes' announcement was met with waves of appreciation and support. In the replies of the Twitter thread, fans thanked the narrative director for stressing the importance of representation and putting such efforts into making Osiris and Saint-14's relationship feel fully realized without directly commenting on its nature in-game.

The relationship between Osiris and Saint-14 was largely speculated due to the fact that Bungie typically leaves relationships out of the story line. Plus, Osiris is not often seen and Saint-14 only recently returned after his death. The Destiny series has included canonically queer characters before, but Osiris and Saint-14 are some of the first major characters to be confirmed as gay.

Rumors about Osiris and Saint-14's relationship date back to Destiny 2's launch in 2017, though Bungie never spoke on the matter until now. The Titan and the Warlock have long shared a close partnership with tender moments that led fans to wonder if their relationship was on a deeper level. In his Twitter thread, Brookes even pointed out the Festival of the Lost and the "smoldering nature" of the Guardians' bond with one another as a hint towards Osiris and Saint-14's romance.


"You can make the meme yourselves," Brookes concluded after the big revelation.