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Xbox Update Makes Game Pass Even More Appealing

Are you tired of buying a new game, only to find yourself waiting as it installs on your system? If so, there's good news on the horizon. Microsoft understands your frustration and has brought an exciting update to Xbox Game Pass that will make excessive install times less of an issue.


The update hit Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One and allows users to install upcoming games ahead of time. Though Xbox Wire specified that this option will not be available for all games, it is still an exciting development. It's an important step that could encourage publishers and developers to work on rolling out pre-installation for more games in the future. One day, gamers may no longer have to wait on new titles to install before they play.

For the games that don't have the option to install ahead of time, the Xbox Game Pass mobile app will allow users to add upcoming titles to a queue so that they can begin automatic installation on your system as soon as they are released.

This isn't the only benefit Microsoft fans will enjoy from the update. Users will also be able to select from a new offering of "dynamic backgrounds," which allow personalization of home screen design. Tech tags are being added to call out games that have auto HDR functionality. In the same vein, gamers can easily identify titles with next-gen optimization through "X|S" labels.


This Game Pass update arrived on November 30, 2020, and could tip the scale in Microsoft's favor for those who prefer the Series X|S to the PS5. It's yet another move that demonstrates Xbox head Phil Spencer's philosophy of general user experience over exclusive games. Since Microsoft has placed a lot of focus on Game Pass in its overall strategy, it's likely that gamers will see even more improvements and appealing features going forward. Will this approach work out for Microsoft? 

Unfortunately, the Series X|S is failing to impress. As a system, its biggest selling point was its power, but it seems as though the PlayStation 5 is actually outperforming the Xbox Series X. In the end, Game Pass may be Microsoft's final legacy for the Xbox brand. The PS5 was already predicted to outsell the Series X, but just how much of a beating will the latter system take? As the new console generation matures, it will be interesting to see if energy is shifted away from Xbox systems while Game Pass is prioritized even further.