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The Untold Truth Of Destiny's Prince Uldren

Prince Uldren Sov of the Awoken once played a pretty pivotal role in the Destiny universe. When players first encountered him in the original game, he was merely the right-hand man to Queen Mara Sov, his sister. As time went on, however, it became clear that Uldren was a little more complicated than many believed at first glance. In the span of a few years, Uldren went from uneasy ally to unforgivable enemy, and would see his story twist and turn a few more times after that.


As of Destiny 2's Season of the Hunt, the body of the man once known as Prince Uldren Sov is alive. However, as the Warlock Osiris carefully reminded players, "whatever latent grudge you bear against the flesh the Light has inhabited carries merit no longer." If that sounds a bit confusing, it's because you require an explanation for what happened to Uldren leading up to Season of the Hunt. If you keep reading on below, you'll get it.

This is the untold truth of Destiny's Prince Uldren.

Prince Uldren was killed at the end of Forsaken

When Hive god Oryx entered the system at the start of The Taken King expansion, Queen Mara Sov of the Awoken was presumed to be killed in action. This left Uldren extremely vulnerable, and at the start of the Forsaken campaign, he'd been fooled into believing Mara was speaking to him from another realm. He recruited an army of disfigured Fallen called Scorn to help him open a portal to the Ascendant Plane so he could rescue Mara. In the process, Uldren — albeit under some kind of influence — murdered the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6.


During Forsaken, the Guardian fought through all of Uldren's Scorn lieutenants in pursuit of vengeance. The chase led to something called The Watchtower. There, Uldren attempted to open that aforementioned portal. Instead of finding Mara, however, he let in a Taken Chimera — the "Voice of Riven."

The Guardian defeated the Chimera, and afterward, was left with a decision: how to deal justice to Uldren. With one last gunshot and a black screen, Prince Uldren Sov ceased to be.

In Season of the Hunt, Uldren returned as Crow

During the Black Armory season following the Forsaken expansion, Destiny 2 players were treated to a surprise cutscene that featured a Ghost searching the Dreaming City. The Ghost found a body under a cover, scanned it, and realized it had finally found its Guardian. With a burst of Light, the Ghost resurrected the being under the cover, and when this new Guardian jolted upward in shock, he was instantly recognizable as Prince Uldren Sov. What made the situation all the more interesting, though, was the fact that Guardians have no recollection of their past lives. Uldren was, in a sense, a brand new person.


It took two years, but Prince Uldren — now a Guardian known as Crow — finally showed up in Destiny 2's Season of the Hunt. It was revealed that he'd been working for the Spider in the Tangled Shore to clear out Hive in the region. At the time of this writing, Crow currently serves as a vendor on the Tangled Shore for Season of the Hunt's Wrathborn Hunts activity. What does the future hold for him after that? Only time will tell.