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The Best Fan Made Xbox Series X

Leave it up to the creativity of gamers to uniquely customize their Xbox Series X consoles. Whether modeled after a specific game's color schemes or given other vibrant aesthetics, many have been capable of designing some of the coolest-looking Xbox Series X units that are to be envied by any Xbox fan. Some of them simply have to be seen to be believed.


Take, for instance, a Cyberpunk 2077-themed Xbox Series X by Twitter user Game Reaper 187. This unique console retains its default black face plates. However, Game Reaper 187 added a yellow design to the console that gave it the signature color scheme of Cyberpunk 2077, which has often been associated with yellow and otherwise monochromatic colors. The console also features multiple references to the world of the game sprinkled all over the its design. 

With Cyberpunk 2077 being one of the most anticipated games in a long while, this is the Xbox Series X to own for any CD Projekt RED fan who is ready to explore the celebrated developer's open-world FPS.

Not doomed for failure

Of course, Cyberpunk 2077 was far from the only anticipated FPS in 2020. In March, Bethesda and id Software collaboratively released Doom Eternal, which has been celebrated in the form of a custom-designed Xbox Series X. Twitter user Extreme Consoles made a Doom-themed Xbox Series X featuring the Doom Slayer against the backdrop of the hellish landscape inhabited by vile demons. With a deep orange and brown color scheme, Extreme Consoles' Xbox Series X is a truly great representation of the classic FPS franchise.


The aforementioned Doom Eternal is the most recent iteration of the Doom series, following up 2016's well-received Doom reboot. Doom Eternal seemed to follow in its footsteps, with strong Metacritic scores. Received as a worthy and highly enjoyable installment in the series, Doom Eternal managed to expand on the 2016 reboot in mostly the right ways, save for the lack of a multiplayer component.

Work hard. Have fun. Make an Amazon-themed Xbox Series X

One of the silliest Xbox Series X designs that has appeared on the internet, the IGN-designed Amazon box-themed Xbox Series X is both impressive and hilarious. Modeled after the boxes Amazon ships out products to customers in, this custom-designed Xbox Series X is complete with a brown cardboard color scheme with the signature Amazon "smile" and a matching controller. For good measure, the design also includes Amazon-branded tape to "seal" the box.


Regardless of what you might think of the company widely considered one of the tech industry's most divisive corporations, this Amazon-themed Xbox Series X is a comical sight to behold. It may not be the sleekest custom Xbox Series X, nor does it spell fandom for any particular game series, but it is an eerily accurate depiction of what simply boils down to a cardboard box. While not a gamer's dream console, it would be a great gag for a birthday gift.

The Xbox that can destroy planets

Leave it to Extreme Consoles to yet again design possibly the coolest custom Star Wars console in recent memory. The talented professional behind the custom Doom console made an Xbox Series X modeled after the Death Star; one of cinema's most iconic locations. The design appropriately includes a "trench" that has a miniature X-Wing and TIE fighter, recalling the climactic trench run scene in A New Hope. It's the perfect Star Wars-themed Xbox Series X for any hardcore Star Wars fan.


The Star Wars series and the gaming industry tend to invite a lot of crossover, which is illustrated by the plethora of Star Wars games released over the past four decades. 2020's Star Wars: Squadrons was generally well-received by critics and has been praised as a return to classic Star Wars aerial combat. While not quite on the same level as Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, it has been considered a worthy modern day follow-up and comes as a consecutive hit for Electronic Arts' turn with the Star Wars video game franchise.