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Is Fortnite Canon In Star Wars?

The massive Fortnite universe has threads that have reached out and mingled with a wealth of big name franchises.

Epic Games' insanely popular battle royale game features appearances from characters existing within the Marvel and DC comic book universes. In the case of Marvel, a mega crossover event referred to as the Nexus War went above and beyond to mix the Fortnite playerbase with a huge roster of familiar superheroes and villains.


Besides its comic book influences, Fortnite has also done an awesome job of including skins and other recognizable elements from all forms of entertainment. Having your mind blown as you engage in shootouts with characters such as Kratos (God of War), John Wick, and even NFL players is a regular occurrence. Back in 2019, Fortnite linked up with "a galaxy far, far away" for an epic intergalactic crossover event.

Expected trinkets, such as themed player skins and other assorted cosmetic unlocks, came with this special Fortnite x Star Wars affair. But a major piece of dialogue also popped up during the event and raised an intriguing question among the game's most ardent followers: is Fortnite now an official part of the Star Wars series canon?


Palpatine made an exclusive announcement in Fortnite

During Fortnite's special Star Wars-focused Live at Risky event, players were treated to something that wasn't included in Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.

A curious line was uttered by the seemingly deceased Emperor Palpatine, who went on to state "at last, the work of generations is complete. The great error is corrected. The day of victory is at hand. The day of revenge. The day of the Sith!" The craziest part of that line is how it has connections to a message included within The Rise of Skywalker's opening crawl: "The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late EMPEROR PALPATINE."


However, that mysterious broadcast was never heard within the film itself and was instead debuted during the Fortnite x Star Wars crossover event. With such an integral portion of story exposition appearing for the very first time outside of the Star Wars films and inside of a wholly separate video game, it's easy to see why Fortnite fans think it's now considered Star Wars canon.

It's certainly a possibility.