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This Might Be The Most Bizarre Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War Bug Yet

Things are getting weird in Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. Treyarch's latest installment in the Black Ops series has seen quite a few bugs in its first month since release, including one that totally bricked Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. This week, fans captured yet another glitch in the first-person shooter, and it may be the oddest one yet — naked character models.


Reddit user Gabgagne19 shared a screenshot of the bug, which was captured during a round of Cold War's Search and Destroy mode. The image showed an unidentified character model laying facedown on the ground, wearing only a pair of black boxer briefs and an AK-74u SMG with Plague Diamond camo on his back. In another Reddit post, user sarry4444 shared a similar snap taken in Cold War's Moscow map. Sarry4444 noted that the person had been playing like that the entire round, so the glitch didn't just appear in death. Still, the player noted in a comment that the incident was "hilarious."

A third spotting of the glitch came from Reddit user hunterwasnthere, who captured a video of an "almost naked woman" in Cold War's Zombie mode. They noted that the game was played on PS4, but it's unclear if the other sightings occurred on the Sony system. As Game Rant reported, the issue seems to be a bugged skin that turns players into hairless mannequin-like characters for the duration of a round.


At the time of this writing, neither Treyarch nor publisher Activision have commented on the almost-naked character glitch. Overall, the bug appears to be harmless compared to previous issues. In late November, a Reddit thread revealed that Cold War would continuously crash for many players, to the point where it caused some Xbox Series X and PS5 systems to crash entirely. Additionally, confusion on which console Cold War versions to download led players to require some changes in settings for the game to work properly.

According to Treyarch's Trello board, the developers are working on a handful of other bugs and glitches right now, including one that causes the Blackout trial to end and one that prevents Mastery Camos from unlocking even after they're earned. Plus, as fans know, Activision and Treyarch have had their hands full preparing for the launch of Cold War and Warzone's big Season One update, scheduled to arrive on Dec. 16. Ahead of the Season One launch, the developers will be rolling out a handful of quality-of-life updates to prepare the game for what is slated to be one of Call of Duty's biggest launches yet.