YouTube's Most Watched Game In 2020 Might Surprise You

Microsoft really hit gold when they purchased Minecraft back in 2014, especially since the game is still continuing to reap the rewards. After releasing a slew of end-of-year data, YouTube Gaming has announced that Minecraft was the most watched game of 2020. According to the data, the 11-year-old sandbox title has garnered 201 billion views on the platform, beating out other popular games like Roblox and Fortnite.


Minecraft completely dominated in terms of views. Roblox, which was the second-highest on the list, clocked in at 75 billion views. Other titles like Garena Free Fire and Grand Theft Auto 5 reached around 70 billion, and Fortnite garnered 67 billion views. Additionally, in terms of live games watched in 2020, Minecraft also still managed to come out on top. The rest of the list pretty much stayed the same, with the exception of Roblox getting swapped out for PUBG Mobile, which secured the number-five spot.

2020 was a massive year for YouTube Gaming. The platform managed to reach over 100 billion watched hours across 40 million active gaming channels, and, of course, Minecraft was the standout in the sea of content. The blog post from YouTube Gaming also noted a massive influx of subscribers, audiences, and views in 2020.


Minecraft has stood the test of time and is still managing to draw new audiences in. One example that YouTube Gaming cited involved Minecraft content creator Dream, whose subscriber count jumped from one million in January to 13 million in October. Even after over a decade since its birth, Minecraft proves that it's truly one of the most influential games of all time.

With a constant cycle of new DLC, it looks like the only path for Minecraft is upward. Just a few weeks ago, the game released a new pack that was based on Star Wars and The Mandalorian. The pack includes new planets to explore and tons of skins based on familiar faces in the franchise such as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, and even a cameo from Baby Yoda.

Additionally, with the recent release of the PlayStation VR port , Minecraft fans are definitely enjoying being in the blocky environment they've called home for over ten years. With all of these new ways of celebrating the series, it's no wonder that Minecraft continues to dominate. With a new year around the corner, there's sure to be more Minecraft-related content in the works.