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The RipperDoc Upgrades You Desperately Need In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in, well, the year 2077. The setting of Night City is a futuristic world with all sorts of sci-fi tech worthy of the cyberpunk genre, and that includes a wide variety of cyberware. These are cybernetic upgrades added to your body that give you superhuman abilities. There are three kinds of cyberware: Active, which the player uses at will; Passive, which works in the background; and Triggered, which activates when specific conditions are met. To give your V cybernetics, you'll need to visit a RipperDoc, one of Night City's underground body-hackers.


With so much cyberware available, it can be difficult to figure out the best one. Still, it's very important, because cyberware can be among the most expensive items in the game. The "best" cyberware does depend on your playstyle. For example, if you're a sniper, you may not have much use for the Mantis Blades, which are basically swords implanted in your forearm.  

But there are some cyberware options that will make any V better. Here are three RipperDoc upgrades you should prioritize in the early hours of the game

Bioplastic Blood Vessels

Your health doesn't automatically regenerate in Cyberpunk 2077 without a certain upgrade. While it's possible to play Cyberpunk 2077 without killing anyone and instead resorting to non-lethal takedowns, even the stealthiest players will occasionally take damage. You can rely on medpacks or medical clinics, but you can also use your cyberware. Unless you want to die constantly, you'll want to improve your healing. The Blood Pump is the basic cyberware healing option, installed in the circulatory system slot. You'll get the Blood Pump automatically early in the game, so just play the main quest line.


You can always invest Attribute points in the Body category to raise your overall HP, or you can get the Regeneration perk to regenerate your health in combat. But if you want even more ways to improve your V's survivability, get your hands on the Bioplastic Blood Vessels. This regenerates your health outside combat. 

Dakai New Throat

This upgrade is essential if you're playing as the Rockerboy playstyle, a renegade musician who inspires folks to rage against the machine with their music. But it's fun no matter how you play. The Dakai New Throat is essentially a mechanical throat replacement that can either be covered up in RealSkinn or "Superchromed." Basically, a it's metal throat.


The New Throat has several features. The Dakai Scramble electronically alters your voice to make it unrecognizable — which comes in handy, given how much Night City is under surveillance. It can change your accent and how your overall voice sounds and even make you a better singer. It has a built-in amplifying feature that allows you to perform impromptu rock concerts wherever you go. It even has a combat application: It allows you to create a powerful scream that shatters the ground in front of you. "Earthshattering sound for an earthshattering age," indeed.

Cyberdeck RAM Upgrade

Your Cyberdeck is one of the most important gadgets in the game. It's an implant that allows you to use quickhacks, which are equippable programs that let you manipulate the technology in the game in various ways. Upgrading your starting Cyberdeck is a no-brainer for the Netrunner playstyle, but it's useful just about any way you play. You can quickhack and disrupt enemies' cyberware during both stealth and combat modes. You can quickhack devices around Night City, like security cameras. You can even quickhack objects like barbells and use them to murder unsuspecting bodybuilders.


How often you can use your quickhacks depends on how much RAM your Cyberdeck has. The starting Cyberdeck's RAM is limited with just ten memory units, but there are several Cyberdeck operating system upgrades that will up it, like the Fuyutsui Electronics MK.1. Assuming you can afford them, which operating system upgrade you can buy depends on your Street Cred, character level, and corresponding attribute stat.