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We Finally Got To See The New Among Us Map

Fans finally got a glimpse at the brand new Among Us map, called The Airship, in a teaser video during The Game Awards 2020 on Thursday. In addition to showing off the incredibly spacious layout of the Toppat Airship, the video also showed off some new tasks, outfits, and even a new Impostor kill animation. The new map is slated to be available in early 2021.


The Among Us map trailer opened with a massive red spaceship emerging from a cluster of clouds. Inside the ship, crewmates could be seen gathered in a large blue control room, which developer InnerSloth previously teased in a screenshot on the Among Us official Twitter account. According to the trailer's narrator, players will be able to select the room that they start in after a meeting. In other words, players no longer have to get pulled away from tasks for meetings and then run all the way back to the rooms they were in. Additionally, the video teased a few new ways to get around the map, including ladders and a moving platform.

The map itself isn't the only new feature on its way to Among Us — the video also showed some new tasks. One showed a much more realistic way to empty the trash, where the player was seen yanking a white garbage bag out of its bin and throwing it by moving the cursor. Another task showed the player buffing up a red gemstone, though it's unclear why. Finally, the round's Impostor was seen wearing a new half-body armor, a handlebar mustache, and a robotic monocle — which they used to laser beam a crewmate to death.


It was no secret that the new Among Us map would be revealed during the show, since Game Awards host Geoff Keighley himself confirmed the news last week. The new skins and tasks were not outright confirmed prior to the Game Awards trailer, but InnerSloth did tease that "secret things" were on their way.

Among Us had quite a big night at the awards show, as the hit social deception game took home the award for Best Mobile Game

Despite its release in 2018, the social deception game blew up in 2020 as a result of popular streamers and YouTubers playing it together. During the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns, both casual and more serious gamers picked up Among Us as a way to virtually connect with friends and fellow players around the globe. Because of its rise in popularity, InnerSloth even canceled a sequel to focus on improving the original game. The Airship map will no doubt keep Among Us fresh for fans to continue to enjoy it in the new year.