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This Is The Worst Mission In Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, dives into the early 1980s to explore the Cold War. CIA operative Russell Adler is on the hunt for a villainous Soviet spy named Perseus, whose goal is to give power to the Soviet Union. The player takes on the role of a custom character, codenamed Bell, to aid Adler in his mission. Black Ops: – Cold War's campaign itself is relatively short with only 14 missions, but there are also multiplayer modes


The game is based on real-life events, and while Black Ops – Cold War is home to some historical inaccuracies, the missions do put players in the shoes of a covert operative. Some of Black Ops – Cold War's most acclaimed missions involve collecting evidence and solving puzzles, in addition to defending your team. Other missions, though, were less impressive, and one of the earlier missions in particular seemed to leave fans and critics unsatisfied.

Fracture Jaw

Black Ops – Cold War's third mission, "Fracture Jaw," sees Adler and his team recalling a 1968 mission in Vietnam. "The first time Perseus pinged our radar ... " Adler says in a voiceover. Bell and Sims are sent down to a village to investigate and collect a piece of valuable intel on Perseus. From there, the task is to defend Firebase Ripcord by destroying all enemy vehicles and mortar teams from the helicopter. Doing so will earn you the Scorched Earth achievement.


Call of Duty fans and critics have felt that the Fracture Jaw mission is too generic. In a review of Black Ops – Cold War's campaign, Gamesradar's Alyssa Mercante wrote that the Vietnamese mission "plays like a half-baked nod to the OG Black Ops that's not even a fraction as fun, with a bizarrely short helicopter bit that falls out of the sky like one that's just taken an RPG to the rotor." Other players have reported multiple bugs associated with the mission.

While Fracture Jaw provides players with some crucial background information on Perseus, it seems to fall short of the slower-paced covert operations that make Cold War unique.