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All The New Mass Effect Rumors And Spoilers Leaked So Far

The trailer for the next Mass Effect game, shown at The Game Awards 2020, has sparked all kinds of debate over what it will entail and, according to BioWare, "has much to unpack." Seemingly, the game will take place shortly after 2012's Mass Effect 3, per the appearance of original series character Liara and the N7 emblem. However, while the details beyond that are still somewhat hazy, there are some teasers and hints from the trailer and BioWare that may suggest what the continuation of Mass Effect will involve.


The trailer, just under two minutes long, takes viewers into the Milky Way, as unclear radio chatter seemingly depicting contact with alien life forms plays over it. After about a minute of traveling through space, the trailer takes viewers to a snowy planet, where a hooded figure can be seen scaling the snow-covered corpse of a Reaper. In the next scene, Liara reaches the aforementioned N7 logo buried in snow and picks it up to clear the snow off the emblem. Liara then grins and looks toward a small nearby structure seemingly inhabited by at least three people, the silhouettes of whom can be seen at the trailer's conclusion.

The knowns and unknowns

One of the questions surrounding the next Mass Effect is its location. Specifically, some have been curious as to how the Andromeda Galaxy may play a role in it. When one Twitter user pointed out that the opening shot contained two galaxies, suggesting allusions to both the Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy, BioWare Project Director Mike Gamble responded by saying it was "intentional" and the developer shows "both for a reason."


The planet Liara traverses in the trailer doesn't appear to be Earth, since it has multiple moons. Further, it doesn't seem recognizable from any of the previous Mass Effect installments.

Much is still unknown about the game's narrative as well. It's highly likely that Commander Shepard will be involved somehow. Given the trailer takes place after Mass Effect 3's "Destroy" ending, as depicted by the non-functioning Mass Effect Relay, the original Mass Effect trilogy may play a heavy hand in the next Mass Effect's events. Liara's appearance suggests this, as well as the silhouettes in the background that might be mirrored versions of Thane and Mordin from the Mass Effect 2 squad selection menu.


The original Mass Effect trilogy's stake in the next game

One final suggestion that the original Mass Effect trilogy will have a large influence over the next installment is Mike Gamble's outspokenness regarding the team behind the next Mass Effect. In four separate tweets, Gamble commented on Brenon Holmes' work at BioWare, as well as Original Art Director Derek Watts, cinematic director Parrish Ley, and narrative designer Dusty Everman, speaking their praises and indicating their continued work on the series will satisfy fans.


No release window has been suggested for the next Mass Effect. However, with the recent announcement of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, more updates are likely to coincide as the remaster launches. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is expected to launch sometime in Spring 2021, and will include remastered versions of the entire Mass Effect trilogy. The extent of the trilogy's enhancements is unknown, as November's teaser trailer didn't reveal much. However, BioWare explained at the time that the visuals will be massively sharpened and be "better and clearer and than ever before."