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The Friends Star You Never Knew Was A Part Of The Fallout Universe

Friends and Fallout are both equally venerated in their respective mediums, with the former being one of the most iconic sitcoms of the 90s and the latter standing as one of gaming's most recognizable franchises. However, as thematically disparate as the two brands are, they do share one actor/voice actor in common, and that would be none other Matthew Perry.


Perry, who portrayed the passive aggressive, sarcastic, and charmingly witty Chandler Bing on Friends, also played a significant role in 2010's Fallout: New Vegas. The game's narrative entails many moving parts, but the initial catalyst for the ensuing journey occurs when Benny, a post-apocalyptic mobster and head of the Chairmen, holds the Courier at gunpoint for a platinum chip on its way to the New Vegas Strip. Further, Perry provided the voiceovers for Benny.

While Perry received a great deal of praise for his turn as Chandler Bing, even getting an Emmy nomination for it, he didn't quite get the same level of praise as Benny. Mostly, this was because his voice was far too recognizable and, thus, the suspension of disbelief was dropped.


The Fallout series' other Hollywood stars

Matthew Perry was actually a big fan of Fallout 3. In fact, he liked Bethesda's 2008 classic so much that, in addition to experiencing pains in his hands, he gave a copy of the game and an Xbox 360 to show host Ellen DeGeneres in 2009. Apparently, this act put Perry on Bethesda's radar and eventually led to his performance in Fallout: New Vegas.


Matthew Perry isn't the only star to appear in the Fallout series. Despite his performance being ill-received by his son, Liam Neeson famously starred as the Lone Wanderer's father in Fallout 3. Although Neeson's role was short-lived in Fallout 3, his appearance in the game easily stood out, thanks to his recognizable voice.

Hellboy star Ron Perlman has also voice acted in the Fallout series. Lending his voice to the Narrator in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, as well as an anchorman in Fallout 4 and the Speaker in Fallout 76, Perlman's iteration of the famous line, "War. War never changes," in Fallout 3 has become one of the most iconic lines in gaming.