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Will Among Us Come To Playstation?

InnerSloth's hit social deception game, Among Us, took the world by storm in 2020. It was released in 2018, but the space-themed whodunnit was not as well-recognized until two years later, when Among Us saw a huge boost in its fan base following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. As a result, the developer has worked incredibly hard to make Among Us the best it can be, even going so far as to cancel the Among Us sequel in favor of improving the original.


Until December 2020, Among Us was locked into only mobile devices and PC via Steam. Then, a waterfall of news started pouring in. Microsoft announced that the game would be joining its Xbox subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, on PC, followed closely by a surprise from Nintendo that an Among Us port would be immediately available on the Nintendo Switch. Finally, Microsoft amended its announcement to add that InnerSloth's title would join Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2021. 

Will Sony's PlayStation consoles be next to join the crew?

It's possible, but not guaranteed ... yet

Sony has not yet confirmed Among Us for PlayStation consoles. However, the fact that the game is coming to Xbox consoles does make things a bit more promising. There are a few PlayStation console obstacles that InnerSloth needs to overcome first.


In September 2020, long before the Among Us console announcements, InnerSloth programmer Forest Willard joined a Twitch livestream where he discussed Among Us' future. When asked about console support, Willard said, "It's something we're starting to talk about." He went on to explain that implementing console support would likely involve programming a quick comms system, plus a "friend's list type of account system."

Willard also wasn't sure if InnerSloth would be able to implement a voice chat feature within Among Us on the console. There is currently no in-game voice chat for Among Us on any platform, so players typically use Discord or type on Among Us' chat feature. As Inverse has pointed out, discussion is a major part of Among Us as players try to discover and eliminate a murderous impostor, so having some type of chatroom is crucial.