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Nintendo Switch Players Can Finally Betray Their Friends In Among Us

Among Us is finally branching out its platforms. At the end of Tuesday's Nintendo Indie World showcase, Nintendo surprised fans by announcing that InnerSloth's hit social deception game is available now on Nintendo Switch. The news comes just days after it was revealed that Among Us will also hit Xbox Game Pass for PC this week.


According to the official Among Us Nintendo eShop page, the Switch version of the online game features cross-platform play, as well as online and local multiplayer with 4-10 players. Players can betray their friends on the go in handheld and tabletop modes, or play on a bigger screen with TV mode. Among Us is available to download now on the Nintendo eShop for $5. Note that to play the online mode, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is also required.

Shortly after the Nintendo Indie World showcase reveal, the official Among Us Twitter account also shared the surprise alongside a graphic of Among Us crewmates surrounding a couch, each one holding their own Switch device. The tweet was met with a ton of gratitude from the game's dedicated fanbase. "Supporting you guys to the moon and back on every platform," one fan wrote in the replies. Other fans wrote that they would be purchasing Among Us a second time on Switch even though they already own the game on another platform.


Until now, Among Us was only available for free on mobile devices and PC via Steam for $4.99. Last week at The Game Awards 2020, an Xbox Game Pass ad debuted and showcased Among Us as one of the many titles on their way to the subscription service soon. The whodunnit will be available on PC via Xbox Game Pass on Dec. 17.

The new platforms also come just in time for Among Us to debut its brand new map, which was also teased at The Game Awards. The trailer revealed that the new spacious map, titled the Airship, will introduce ladders and moving platforms as a way to get around. Plus, players will be able to choose their starting locations after meetings and try out some new tasks and skins

Among Us took home the award for Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards last week after it blew up in popularity this year. InnerSloth released the game in 2018, but Among Us saw a huge increase in downloads during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns as people used the game to connect with friends. The developer has since been working hard to keep the game fresh with new features, and InnerSloth even canceled Among Us 2 in favor of improving on the original game.