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Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Pays Homage To Fellow PlayStation Exclusives

A tweet by Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions has just revealed a set of outfits for its Legends expansion that resemble characters from fellow hit PlayStation franchises God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, and Shadow of the Colossus. Each of these outfits was made available as of the time of the Tweet's publication on Dec. 18 but will only remain unlockable until Jan. 15, 2021.


Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a multiplayer add-on to Ghost of Tsushima that was released for free to all who already owned a base copy of the game. It was first detailed in August of this year, just one month after the game was released. Ghost of Tsushima ended up a bigger success than most expected, which was ultimately reflected by the addition of DLC so soon after its launch.

In Legends, players control not the game's protagonist Jin Sakai but one of four character classes, each with their own specialization inspired by one or a few of Jin's abilities. Rather than pit players against one another, multiplayer matches are solely cooperative, requiring players to coordinate the abilities of these unique character classes with one another to succeed in combat against AI enemies.


Each of Legends' new outfits is tied to one of its character classes. Unlocking an outfit simply requires completing a Story or Survival mission with the class onto which the outfit is equippable.

The new Samurai skin is Sucker Punch's tribute to God of War, featuring red swirls on off-white armor, resembling Kratos' red tattoos on pale skin. A new Hunter outfit pays tribute to Horizon Zero Dawn, its archery-based skillset a natural fit for a look resembling series protagonist Aloy. The new Assassin skin is inspired by the colossi of Shadow of the Colossus, sporting a furry, monstrous mask in addition to runic patterns across its body armor. A new Ronin skin, meanwhile, outfits the character in black feathers, likely in tribute to Bloodborne NPC Eileen the Crow.

Sony is in the midst of packaging its PlayStation originals together into something resembling Nintendo's iconic franchises. Mario brings to mind not just Nintendo but Link and Kirby. Sony is at least attempting to suggest the same, most recently referencing iconic PlayStation games from throughout the company's history in Astro's Playroom, which comes packaged with every PS5 console.

Next for Ghost of Tsushima is likely to be its sequel, which hasn't been confirmed but heavily implied by job postings on Sucker Punch's website.