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Steam's Autumn Sale 2020 Was The Biggest Yet

Steam has plenty to be thankful for after a record-breaking seasonal sales event.

It seems fans of the PC gaming giant's wide selection were eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest games for less during the Autumn Sale 2020. The expectation-shattering revenue numbers were great news for developers and publishers who rely on the platform to grow their gamer base. Nearly a million new players were part of the 2020 Autumn Sale — that's 33% more than last year.


Steam offers sales pretty frequently, so what made this one such a sweeping success among both new and returning gamers? 

Given the impact of quarantine on the gaming industry, Steam's post-Thanksgiving prosperity can likely be attributed to folks spending more time at home. Whether people are turning to gaming for ways to stay social, reconnect with older (and now viral) favorites like Among Us, or blow off some steam with some hidden gems, there's been an explosion of interest in the variety of titles Steam has to offer.

Brand new genre hubs were a driving factor that held their weight in add-to-cart sales numbers along with the highlighted daily deals on Steam's front page. Games of all sizes benefitted from Steam's Autumn Sale success. The number of titles that made gains was up for games grossing at least $10,000 through those bringing in over $1,000,000.


Steam is no stranger to COVID-related victories. Just earlier this month, the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 resulted in the "highest number of concurrent players in a single player game" in Steam's history. Back in March, the company broke another record, with usership rising to a historic 22 million+ concurrent gamers. During the Autumn Sale, that number topped out at just under 24 million.

Considering the impact of a growing user base, smoother platform navigation, and sales that put the old stats to shame, it's safe to say Steam is on a winning streak. Now, all eyes are on the upcoming Steam Awards, which are expected to follow these trends. As of now, 30 million nominations have already been cast, and 1.6 million gamers have gained badges through offering feedback to games of all sizes.

Another holiday blowout may be right around the corner for Steam. Stay tuned for the epic top-five showdown in each category while you're shopping Steam's upcoming Winter Sale, slated to start next week.