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Loba And Revenant Reveal Leaves Apex Legends Fans Disappointed

A brief dramatic audio interaction shared by the Apex Legends Twitter account has provided a sort of climax to an ongoing story thread first introduced in the game's Season 4 preview trailer. That trailer revealed Revenant, a murderous robot, and Loba, whose parents Revenant killed, setting up a dynamic that would continue to define both characters' stories.


Though Revenant is very much the villain in Loba's narrative, his backstory is fittingly tragic. For most of his life, Revenant thought he was human. Then, upon learning that he was a robot, he murdered a celebrity fighter named Forge as a form of retaliation. Fans thought Forge would be a playable Legend up until Revenant took his place, both story-wise and in-game. Loba, meanwhile, remained set on revenge for her murdered family and was spurred to act when Revenant killed Forge and joined the Apex Games.

The approximately two minute audio clip introduced by Respawn on Dec. 27 (which is accompanied by a few static images commissioned from artist FrAgMenT) quickly became the subject of controversy among those who found the new story beat unsatisfying. In the audio, Loba revealed that she not only obtained Revenant's source code, but sent it to a distant planet, out of reach of the both of them. The two then fought, and while Loba won, she left Revenant alive, describing his continued torment as a fate worse than death.


Some commenters raised doubts about whether Loba could defeat Revenant in one-on-one combat. Their objections pointed to Revenant's hundreds of years of fighting experience, which could theoretically provide him with an advantage over Loba, whose experience is limited by a human lifespan.

Another criticism, with a fair number of upvotes on Reddit, questioned the introduction of the new lore on Twitter. User JoeyUchiha_ argued that, since not all players have a Twitter account, it would make sense to include this and other relevant story beats shared solely to social media in the game client as well.

This isn't the only recent addition to Apex Legends to prove controversial among players. An update to the game's battle pass system, implemented in its seventh and latest season, was thought by many to be a downgrade over the previous system. Respawn's attempt at remedying the issue didn't immediately go over well either. That said, the Apex Legends community at large seems focused not on these grievances but on gameplay clips and upcoming content.