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Small Details You Missed In The Apex Legends 'Fight Night' Trailer

Apex Legends debuted its latest Stories from the Outlands short this week, entitled "Fight Night," and the video is filled with references to other Legends and stories that only true fans of the Respawn Entertainment game will know. The trailer focuses on both Pathfinder's backstory and ex-cop Victor Maldera's hunt for Alexander Nox.

The video, which boasts an old-time noir detective theme, shows Maldera working in the security office of a diner, where the optimistic yet dangerous Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity (MRVN) Pathfinder happens to be a server. When Pathfinder becomes involved in a shooting accident at the diner, Maldera interrogates him and discovers that Pathfinder holds a video showing Nox, who presumably died in a fire at Humbert Labs, actually escaping the fire. Maldera believes this could become proof that Nox set the fire himself and it was no accident, unlike what the Malta police reported.

Devoted Apex Legends fans will recognize that the footage from the fire shows one of the game's original Legends, Caustic, wearing a white hazmat suit and an undercut from his days as scientist Alexander Nox. While it was believed that Nox died in the fire, he actually continued to test his gaseous creations under the guise of Caustic in the Apex Games. This sequence seems to make it clear that Maldera now knows the truth about Caustic.

As Maldera fast-forwards through the rest of the footage in search of more evidence, fans can see references to other important Apex Legends stories. One such reference is a brief clip of Revenant breaking in to assassinate Loba's parents. Revenant and Loba are fresh in the minds of Apex Legends fans this week, as the game's official Twitter account teased audio that suggested a climax to the rivalry between Revenant and Loba.

Most importantly in Pathfinder's story, the "Fight Night" short seemingly provides a glimpse at Pathfinder's creator, who says, "We made you for a great purpose." It's not clear exactly who the creator is, but as Polygon reported, she appears to be a French scientist who could have a connection to Wattson, one of Apex Legends' early characters. More footage of the creator is revealed later in the clip as the scientist says, "Marvin, we need you. Your existence is proof that the Outlands can survive." 

The end of the trailer hints at what becomes of Pathfinder and may be an indication of the start of his involvement in the Apex Games. At the moment, it's not clear if this short was simply an opportunity to share an Apex Legends story, or if it will somehow connect to future content in the game, which is now in Season 7.