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Easter Eggs You Likely Missed In Among Us

Ever since the first recorded video game Easter egg appeared in 1979, Easter eggs have been capturing excitement and attention. Some Easter eggs are brilliant — while other Easter eggs grotesquely backfired. They were even the premise of the hit book Ready Player One. Either way, they're fun to find, especially if you're the first person to notice them.


Throughout 2020, Among Us has been skyrocketing into popularity. And just as a quirky indie game should, it has tons of Easter eggs hidden inside of it. A few of them are easy-to-find, casual nerdy references, while others are better hidden. Some of them even radically change the game.

Here are some of the more interesting and thrilling Easter eggs hidden within the best co-op assassination game of 2020. And if you want to find your own, you might just need to wander away from your group (even if it does make you look a little sus).

Keep your eye out for easter eggs

Like anything made for gamers and nerds, Among Us has a lot of references to other nerdy media. Easter eggs include:

First of all, you can scan the boarding pass for a fresh treat. The QR code on the boarding pass says, "Yo homes, smell you later." This is a line associated with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


The game also has some odd product replacements, you won't find "Samsung" or "Mountain Dew" here. But you will find Simsung and Don Dew. The Don Dew brand also appears in InnerSloth's Henry Stickman series. This is also a reference to Mountain Dew, of course.

On April Fool's Day, the Skeld map will be mirrored. You can set your system date to April 1 to test it out, though it only works on North American servers. Until April, you can also keep an eye out for other references to popular games, TV shows, and movies throughout the game. There are bound to be more.

The Polus map is filled with Easter eggs

If you really want to go Easter egg hunting, start on the Polus map. A few of the most popular Easter eggs include:

A dead body made out of snow can be found, surrounded by snowman crewmembers. According to Reddit user Damian2801, you can find a dead body made out of snow outside of the boundaries of the Polus map. Even creepier, the dead snow-body has a real bone sticking out of it. Some theorize it could be a real body just covered in snow.


During one task, you're handed keys; if you look at them, you'll note what appears to be the brain slug from Futurama

You can also find a reference to the famous thumbs-up from the ending of Terminator 2. Get voted out and die to lava in the Polus map, and your little buddy will flash you a thumbs up as it melts. And since this is Among Us, you will, indeed, be back.

Easter egg references to Henry Stickmin in Among Us

Before Among Us, InnerSloth had released a series of games called Henry Stickmin. Fans of the Henry Stickmin franchise have noted that there are multiple Easter eggs and references laced throughout Among Us.


First, there are the cosmetic items. Multiple cosmetic items reference Stickmin, including the Top Hat, the Toppat Clan Leader Hat, and the Mysterious Vagabond Mask. There are also posters from Henry Stickmin occasionally seen throughout the background, identifiable only by fans.

Eagle-eyed player u/Wooden-Culture-4028 noted that Henry Stickmin's hat floats around in a flask on Polus, though some argue that it might be Toppat Clan's hat instead. And once in a while, the garbage chute will spit out a giant, blue diamond; that's another reference to Stickmin.

Among Us is still being updated, with work ceasing on a sequel so that the developer could continue improving the base game. Since new maps are still being added regularly, including one set on an airship, there should still be plenty of cool Easter eggs to look forward to in Among Us.