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Hole In Night City Leaves Cyberpunk Players Wishing For Underground Area

After all the digital ink that's been devoted to Cyberpunk 2077's problems, it seems to be one of the most scrutinized games out there right now. And now, gamers have found yet another issue — perhaps not as serious as the game-breaking bugs that have led many to request a refund, but one that has them wishing for more in this big, atmospheric, open-world game. Players have now discovered a hole that leads to an unpopulated underground region of Night City, complete with a black wall beneath. 


A video posted to Reddit by user Burritoglasses shows the strange bug. The player hones in on a part of the Night City map, where there's a dark, triangular corner beside a wall. From inside that hole, the player appears to be looking at Night City from underneath, as though the ground of the city had turned monochrome and translucent — showing city features only as sophisticated shapes. Some commenters have noted that several of these holes are scattered about the map, and others are posting similar videos of the glitch from different areas. 

However, it's natural, after seeing the emptiness underneath, to wish that Night City had an underground section. A teeming, vibrant city like this one seems like it should. Indeed, the presence of the hole has some gamers' imaginations working overtime. Some are referencing The Matrix, Narnia, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and even "developer hell" — as in where the game was stuck for seven or more years as it was being developed. 


User HEADRUSH31 dubbed it "an Easter egg nod to how our whole world is a simulation" while another, BiigDaddyDelita, said, "That's actually kind of cool. They should put a Super Mario level down there." Some say the developers literally "cut corners." And at least one, Spell3ound, sounds like they're hoping for a DLC with a title like The Underground.

For many, of course, this just provides more evidence that the game was released in an unfinished state. CD Projekt Red has been consistently criticized for putting out a game with so many issues — so much so that it issued an apology and has been providing refunds to disgruntled gamers. The company has also already announced free DLC is on the way and is scheduled for early 2021. However, there's not enough information to determine whether or not there's an underground component coming for Night City — which might be the best way to convince gamers that, after all, this is a feature, not a bug.