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These Are The Funniest Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs

When publishers release a game, it's bound to have a few glitches and bugs. From the bizarre, to the hilarious, to the downright terrifying, games are sometimes the most fun when the code doesn't work as planned. However, when a game has experienced so many delays and setbacks, some fans may need to look for a silver lining after the disappointment of discovering their most anticipated game is full of bugs.


Various bugs have impeded players from enjoying Cyberpunk 2077 so far. It's difficult to take a stroll through Night City when citizens keep crashing into the same barrier over and over again, then blaming you for their dinged up car. There's good news, though! Some of the issues in CD Projekt Red's newly released Cyberpunk 2077 are highly entertaining. Regardless of how you feel about the game itself, these glitches are undeniably strange, and sometimes even a little risque.

Trees for ants?!

Night City has many beautiful parks and trees to explore, but some players have discovered that the latter tend to be, well, tiny. Gaming journalist Jason Schreier posted screenshots of a minuscule forest on the sidewalks, indicating there might be a bug with the greenery of Cyberpunk 2077. A quick fix for the little trees on PC has popped up online, and console players are encouraged to make sure they have the latest update installed. It's also worth noting that the existence of the small trees leads to the possibility of other miniature items in the game. Take a moment to imagine.


This glitch seems minor, but it breaks the illusion of Night City as a real place and throws gamers back into the real world where they have to face the fact that their long awaited game does, in fact, have issues. Of course, some wild folks out there might also enjoy feeling like giants and stomping through little forests on the way to their next big score.

T-posing for days

Early players reported catching various NPCs at rest in an unusual position: the T-pose. YouTube user Steven Davidson posted a video of an NPC casually observing a club while standing with their arms rigidly straight, noting in the description, "ain't no pose party like a T-pose party."


Characters are often designed in the T-pose position so developers can see every part of their bodies, but when the T-pose appears in a final version of a game, it's almost always a glitch of some kind. Still, T-posing has become a meme over the years, and with good reason. Seeing an NPC with their arms out usually elicits a chuckle. It's possible that these rogue NPCs are just trying to assert their dominance over V.

While spotting NPCs posing around Night City might ruin the "cool" atmosphere of Cyberpunk 2077, many find T-posing funny, even if only for its awkwardness.

Unmentionables on parade

Perhaps the wildest bug reported so far might get you arrested if it happened in real life. Some gamers have shared accounts of their characters' genitals clipping through clothing, meaning their naughty bits are constantly on display. Cyberpunk 2077 has an in-depth character creator that allows players to customize themselves intricately. Part of that character creator includes mix-and-match genitals, allowing for a wide array of gender representation. The possibilities aren't endless, but they are expansive.


Unfortunately, including the option for genitals means that they have to be rendered in-game, presenting the possibility they could show up where they aren't supposed to be — like outside one's pants. There are countless other bugs in Cyberpunk 2077, and it's clear that all systems are not created equal when it comes to playing the latest CD Projekt Red game. However, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.