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Don't Swim With Cyberpunk 2077s New Third Person Mod

Cyberpunk 2077 players can finally get the full picture on V thanks to new third person mods from Jelle Bakker over at Nexus Mods. The third person mod is great for admiring the fully-customizable main character that developer CD Projekt Red incorporated into its futuristic RPG. However, the mod is still in its early stages and therefore has a few quirks. It's great for walking around Night City, but swimming in third person is another story.

The third person mod is best used when exploring Cyberpunk 2077's locations. Otherwise, it gets a little funky — especially when swimming. A demonstration video from Slothability showcased the mod jumping off a pier and plunging underwater, where the player's V character seemed to get stuck in a half-bent formation with his legs back. He pumped his arms to swim, but his legs remained in this unusual position until he reached the surface.

V's third person defense is not without its flaws, either. At one point in the video, when V attempted to draw a weapon, his body glitched in a way that pulled his arms behind his back and pointed the weapon at the camera. Going down the hand-to-hand combat route meant sticking one fist out straight and the other to the side.

As Slothability's video showed, the third person mod still works like a dream for climbing, running, crouching, jumping, and walking. Bakker has made both female and male versions of the mod available, though both require users to download Cyber Engine Tweaks to get through installation. For interested fans, Slothability also kindly included a set-up walkthrough in the demonstration video. As Eurogamer pointed out, the third person mod is relatively new, so it seems likely that its animation kinks will be worked out soon enough for fans to fully take advantage of the different camera angles.

In just one short month following its release, Cyberpunk 2077 became infamous for its performance issues and bugs, especially on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. CD Projekt Red admitted during an emergency meeting with its shareholders in December that it didn't put enough focus on last-gen consoles, resulting in the release a game that didn't perform as well on those systems. The developers have since publicly apologized for the game's issues and offered refunds while the studio work on a series of updates. CD Projekt Red now potentially faces a class action lawsuit for allegedly sharing misleading information with shareholders and customers about Cyberpunk 2077's performance capabilities.