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Start 2021 Off Right With Limited Time New Year's Items In New Horizons

As the world says goodbye to 2020, so does Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its real-time clock and calendar. While there may be many critters leaving Animal Crossing due to the game's recent winter updates, Nintendo has made sure to add a few limited-time New Year's items that you can use to decorate your island and welcome 2021.

There are seven items available to help your Animal Crossing inhabitants celebrate the New Year. The objects represent traditions from different cultures worldwide, and they are all ready for purchase from the Nook Shopping catalog under the Seasonal tab. All of these items became available on Jan. 1 and will remain in the store until Jan. 15.

The available decorations include traditional Japanese New Year items such as a Kadomatsu, Kagami Mochi, and a New Year's Shimekazari. Also available are a Russian Olivier Salad, a Yut Nori board used in Korean New Year celebrations, and a Zodiac Ox Figurine, which is a representation of the Chinese zodiac. Also, gamers can purchase a Balloon Arch, often seen in contemporary western New Years' decorations.

To add any of these items to their Animal Crossing island, players need to either access Nook Shopping through the Nook Stop Terminal found at Resident Services or use the Nook Shopping app on their NookPhone. The items all cost between 1,000 and 3,000 bells. The cheapest is the Olivier Salad, which costs 1,000 bells, while the most expensive is the 2,580 bells Kadomatsu. Sitting in the middle is the Ballon Arch, which costs an appropriate 2,021 bells.

These items are actually in the second round of New Year's offerings from Animal Crossing this season. Leading up to the big day, players could purchase various food and beverage options to welcome 2021. Treats such as a German Berliner, a Spanish Twelve-Grape Dish, and a Japanese New Year's Noodle were available, in addition to a glass of Sparkling Cider. Those items were discontinued at the end of 2020, but there are still plenty of treats where those came from.

Also, the end of a limited time event isn't always a closed door in Animal Crossing. If there is a decoration that you want to use in your Animal Crossing home with but missed the purchase window, you can always consider some low-key time travel. Changing the time and date on your Nintendo Switch makes items and creatures that are time-locked available. Just switch the date back on your console when you're finished to enjoy your new Animal Crossing finds in real-time.