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Mega Man's Creator Was Disappointed In The Series' Third Game. Here's Why

There are quite a few games in the Mega Man franchise. When it comes to ranking the core games, fans are often at odds with a definitive list. Many tend to agree that Mega Man 2 and 3 are the best, while some feel that Mega Man 8 was ruined by goofy voice acting and Frost Man's level. Unfortunately, the forgotten Mega Man Soccer hardly ever gets mentioned.


No matter what, fans will always have their personal favorites and least favorites. But what about the series' creator, Keiji Inafune? As the creator, his opinion should hold some weight. He was in the trenches, serving a major role in each game's development. He should have a good idea which is the best and which is the worst, right?

Well, you may be surprised when you learn that Inafune was deeply disappointed with Mega Man 3. Was it because he thought it was the worst in the series? Or perhaps it was something else? This is what Inafune thought about the third Mega Man game.

Mega Man 3 was fun for fans but not for Inafune

With some incredible stage music, memorable bosses, and the introduction of both Rush and Mega Man's iconic slide maneuver, Mega Man 3 is a staple platformer for the NES. While many fans had great times with this game, Keiji Inafune bashed it over its alleged lack of polish.


There were a number of factors that soured his experience. For one, he was pressured by Capcom to wrap up production before he felt it was ready. There was also a personnel shift, as series director Akira Kitamura and series composer Harumi Fujita left in the middle of the project. Not only was he disappointed in the end product, but he had to adjust to new collaborators on the fly. 

Inafune ultimately believed that he was unable to bring the level of attention and care to Mega Man 3 that the first two games received. Despite his feelings toward the game, it's generally seen as a classic that looks, sounds, and plays great!