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The Doom 3 Easter Egg You Probably Missed In Doom Eternal

iD Software is pretty amazing when it comes to featuring cool easter eggs and secrets within its games.

That awesome trend continued on with 2020's Doom Eternal, a first-person shooter that earned plenty of high scores and Game of the Year nominations. The fast and fluid ripping & tearing of Hell's army got even better with the inclusion of new weapons, more prominent platforming sections, and a bigger focus on storytelling. Doom Eternal will be remembered as an FPS classic for years to come.


If you slowed down to smell the roses during your crusade against demon hordes, you probably peeped a few of its best easter eggs. Doomguy's home above the clouds features one of those secrets and it's a notable callback to a past Doom series entry.

If you missed it, then here is how so you can check it out for yourself the next time you hop into Doomguy's hellish world.

A familiar piece of weaponry pops up in Doomguy's private chambers

So in Doom Eternal, the Doom Slayer uses a location called the Fortress of Doom as his base of operations.

There's a special room within that fortress that's practically set up as the main character's man cave. A ton of Easter eggs can be spotted in every corner of that room, such as Commander Keen objects and even a picture dedicated to a special rabbit. On the table within that room is a familiar tool that Doom 3 players instantly recognized once they spotted it.


The small artifact that can be seen near Doomguy's computer speakers is the Soul Cube. The Soul Cube originated in Doom 3 and is known as the most devastating weapon in the game. Unfortunately, you can't bring it with you into battle against the demon hordes terrorizing Earth in Doom Eternal.

Another nod to Doom 3 that's available in Doom Eternal can actually be listened to within the Fortress of Doom. Once you unlock the Doom 3 theme song during your regular playthrough, you can listen to it while you explore the Doom Slayer's orbiting fortress.