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You Should Never Play Among Us Around Your Parents

Any gamer kid with a good head on their shoulders knows playing gory, creepy, graphic games like Doki Doki Literature Club and South Park around your parents is a recipe for disaster. It's obvious to spot games as explicit and out there as those and give them a mental red flag, but even a game as kitschy and cute as Among Us can have its hazards.


It's hard to imagine at first, given how massively Among Us has blown up these days. Getting the game is a breeze, since this free-to-play Mafia-like multiplayer is available on a bunch of devices, including phones. Plus, tons of celebrities and politicians like "Old Town Road" hitmaker and Billboard legend Lil Nas X and prominent Democratic Congresswoman and Twitch record-breaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have joined in the fun with some of the streaming world's biggest players. But heed our words of caution before boarding your ship: Next time you play, you might want to make sure the parents are out of range.

Violence (and your reactions to imposters!)

As innocuous as the rainbow of cute little crewmates looks, charming accessories and all, the whole point of the game is that the imposters are out to chop them in half. Whether you're the hunter or the hunted, some parents might have a problem with the idea of, you know, a straight-up murder simulation as a hobby for their kid (even though studies show violent games don't make kids violent).


Even if they're chill on that front, the first (or hundredth!) time you get slashed by the crewmate you thought was the least sus, you'll be screaming "NOOOO" at the top of your lungs so loudly that your parents will think you actually died. In the world of Among Us, tables can turn quickly, friends can become enemies, and danger lurking around every corner is sure to make you gasp and scream.

Despite the downside, it's all part of the thrill of the game, but no guarantees your parents won't come running when you meet your virtual demise.

Checking out from "the real world"

Everyone needs a break from school and chores, but it's easy to lose track of time playing Among Us. When you're trying to save your ship and outrun imposters, your in-game to-do list is your true North. But as important as fixing the wiring and swiping your card may seem, your parents probably wish you'd do some items on your real to-do list, like homework and cleaning (definitely sus).


On top of that, your parents might not love the idea of public play, where inappropriate language can easily corrupt kids, not to mention the possibility of creeps on the internet. Although you can play Among Us privately with friends, it's not always easy to gather up ten people for a full crew of fun. Your parents could see an inappropriate chat pop up on your screen, and even with censored chat and the fact that all in-game communications are text only, they may not trust you to ignore the trolls and use your own judgment.

With all that in mind, take the skills you learned navigating the ship and proceed with caution the next time you're ready for a marathon Among Us play session!