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Here's How To Uncover The Hidden Easter Eggs In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The latest in the Super Smash Bros. series truly is the Ultimate culmination of a brilliant fighting franchise. While Melee is often considered the best in the series, it doesn't come with the intimidating roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (not to mention the fact that Melee's creator, Masahiro Sakurai, is not a fan). But seriously, who ever expected Mario, Samus, Link, and other Nintendo mascots to go up against Sephiroth, Persona 5's Joker, or even ... Minecraft's Alex and Steve?


Indeed, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate packs in some pretty obscure characters, but that's part of the appeal. And if you love obscure details in video games, you'll be happy to know that there are some small details you may have missed in the latest Smash bonanza. If you're a fan of video game secrets, you're going to want to know how to uncover these hidden Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Easter eggs. Here are the details.

An Easter egg you MagiCAN find

EarthBound fans who feel neglected by Nintendo will want to pay close attention, as this little hidden treat proves the company has love for all of its properties.

A Twitter user shared an image of a discovery made via the pause menu's free camera controls. The image reveals a tiny little detail that only the most die-hard fans would recognize. When designing a battleground for the EarthBound stage Magicant, the developers snuck the EarthBound character known as "Brick Road" deep in a wall within the eye hole of a massive humanoid dungeon called "Dungeon Man." The detail is so minuscule that you really have to zoom in to see the man's cartoony face.


During a battle, players are only able to see the top of Dungeon Man, which is why this Easter egg can only be spotted while pausing gameplay. It's minuscule details like this that really prove the creative minds at Nintendo do care about their fans.

Nintendo city!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is packing tons of Easter eggs, even in places where you wouldn't expect it. If you are a fan of Nintendo history, this city might be perfect for you. While exploring the vast terrain found in the World of Light campaign, you'll run into some structures that look rather familiar.


Pointed out by u/Stephensonite on Reddit, there are two clusters of buildings composed of Nintendo assets. Most are modeled after older consoles, including a Game Boy, a Famicom, and a Wii Mini. One structure is a giant Wiimote, and another is the N64 logo.

This little celebration of Nintendo history is sure to please fans. After all, what would be a greater dream-come-true for gamers than to live in a city made of giant gaming paraphernalia? Perhaps Super Nintendo World could create an area within the park modeled after this section in Smash Ultimate's World of Light.