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The True Ending Of Hades Explained

Hades has earned critical acknowledgement and respect from fans, but it's possible many players haven't seen the true ending of the game. After gamers escape the underworld for the first time, they might think that they've beaten Hades entirely, but there lies the genius of one of 2020's most popular roguelike games. The game's not over until the credits roll, and there's a process to earning that privilege.


Beware of spoilers ahead for 2020's Hades.

First, players have to guide Zagreus out of the underworld and into Greece, where he must fight his father in order to meet his mother, the beautiful Persephone. Players might think things are well and done after that initial fight with Hades, but they're in for a rude awakening when they discover they have to do the whole thing again nine more times. Only then will you unlock the "true ending" of the game.

After ten successful bouts with Hades, Persephone comes home with Zagreus and the credits roll, but the game doesn't end there.

But wait, there's more

Dedicated players can unlock an epilogue after Persephone returns to the House of Hades. The epilogue allows players to enjoy a family reunion between the Olympian gods and those who live in the underworld.


To play through the epilogue, Zagreus must first build strong relationships with all of his Olympian acquaintances. Then, he must speak with his mother, father, and grandmother enough to hear them talk about a potential dinner party with all of the Olympians. After Zagreus meets all of the relationship requirements and discusses the gathering with his family, players can start inviting characters to the party. Players can even get the primordial being Chaos to attend. 

Though the true ending of Hades hasn't exactly been kept secret from players, it does make for an interesting challenge for players wanting more out of the story than a simple escape from the underworld. After all, can one ever truly run away from their past?