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Great News Might Be On The Way For Fallout: New Vegas Fans

Fans have been wondering for years whether Fallout: New Vegas would ever get a sequel. Fortunately, a recent teaser shows promise that a sequel to the hit game, could actually become a reality. The when, however — that's a different story.


Tyler McVicker, a gamer and journalist who Game Rant noted "has accurately leaked news in the past," dug up some exciting information that could confirm a sequel is on its way. In a recent video announcement of his YouTube channel's rebranding, McVicker offered a preview of future leaks to come. Sandwiched between teasers of more Doom Eternal DLC and Starfield news is a Fallout: New Vegas 2 mention. While there is a lot to unpack from the entirety of the video, one user in the comments said "love how you just drop 'I have a lot of solid info on Fallout New Vegas 2' like it's a bunch of other majorly known stuff." Indeed, this would seem to be major news that McVicker otherwise brushed aside in the rush of teasers.


Following up with a little more information, McVicker tweeted, "I expect FNV2 in the latter half of this decade." McVicker also included a few other release date predictions, including a speculative "2030s" timeframe for Fallout 5. If McVicker is correct, then Fallout fans have a lot to look forward to during the next two decades. The question remains: are these leaks to be trusted?

Although Game Rant considers McVicker's track record to be fairly reliable, the publication warned readers that "he's also been incorrect about some things." As such, all this remains purely speculative. However, there are reasons to believe what he's promising could still come true.

Microsoft's purchase of ZeniMax Media in 2020 brought Bethesda into the software giant's hands, and this move would seem to hint at a lot of potential for the future of the Fallout series. Among the sizable possibilities is a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas.

The purchase brought the previously-purchased Obsidian, the developer of New Vegas, under one roof with Fallout publisher Bethesda. This would seem to lead to the logical conclusion that New Vegas 2 could happen. After all, a sequel to the wildly popular game would have lots of demand, and Microsoft could stand to profit from just such a project.


If McVicker's prediction is true, gamers will be waiting quite a while, and that's barring any unforeseen delays. In the meantime, fans will have to wait until McVicker drops his full report on the sequel's alleged production.