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How To Level Up Faster In Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3 was added to Xbox Game Pass on Jan. 14, 2021, letting subscribers try the dungeon crawler at an affordable price. When Torchlight 3 first debuted on Oct. 14, 2020, publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Echtra Inc. caught flak for failing to innovate and improve on the first two titles in the series. It ended up one of the most disappointing releases of last year. But it's still a solid RPG made by two of the founders of Diablo publisher Blizzard North, and fans of the genre should definitely check it out.


Torchlight 3's leveling system is capped at 60, and the player can gain XP with the RPG standbys: completing quests and killing both bosses and regular monsters. This makes farming enemies for both XP as well as loot a viable strategy. But as far as XP goes, farming only works to point: The player won't gain XP by killing enemies that are four levels lower and below. Doing quests and farming enemies is the most tried-and-true method of leveling your character. While there aren't any real shortcuts or exploits to bypass these processes, there are still specific ways to gain XP more quickly. Here they are. 

Do the Mapworks dungeons

As you're questing, Torchlight 3 will periodically give you the opportunity to enter another "bonus" dungeon full of monsters and loot. Per PCInvasion, all Mapworks dungeons will be those that you've completed previously. Although enemies and bosses in Mapworks dungeons will be scaled up to meet your current level, they will still follow the same patterns you've already learned to defeat them, which makes clearing them relatively easy. 


To enter a Mapworks dungeon, look out for a purple tiger-like creature called a Phase Beast that can spawn during gameplay. It will flee from your character, so kill it quickly. This will open the portal to the Mapworks dungeon. Fight the boss and the henchmen you've already cleared, and you'll get a nice batch of XP and loot. 

Should you need to exit the Mapworks dungeon and return, don't leave via the portal you entered from, or the dungeon will become inaccessible. But there is a workaround if you've split up your party. Instead of exiting via the portal you entered from, you can teleport to one of your other party members elsewhere in the game world.

Use the Luck Tree

Better weapons and gear make you a more effective fighter, which allows you to complete those quests and defeat those bosses for the XP you need. And the pink Luck Tree makes finding better loot much easier.


Torchlight 3 will give you lots of loot you won't need. The game caps the amount of gold you receive at 20,000, so selling them is unnecessary, and dismantling items simply destroys them without netting any resources. But there's a third option to get rid of your unwanted junk: the Luck Tree.

The Loot Tree is accessible during the "From a Humble Seed" tutorial quest. Once you've unlocked your Luck Tree, donate useless weapons and gear to it. This will permanently increase your in-game item luck, making more valuable gear drop more often. And sacrificing more valuable items gives a bigger luck boost. 

Even better, you can raise your item luck even more by visiting another player's fort and donating weapons to their Luck Tree for a temporary luck buff that stacks with your own.