Here's How To Unlock Shortcuts In Hitman 3

Just released, the much-anticipated Hitman 3 is already making waves with critics and fans alike. This latest title in the Hitman series is the final entry in the World of Assassination Trilogy, and what a note to end on. The game offers a satisfying conclusion to Agent 47's adventures while also delivering an exceptional gameplay experience that stays true to the series' engaging stealth mechanics.


Generally, Hitman 3 doesn't take too long to finish. This is, of course, dependent on whether or not the player is taking the time to explore everything Hitman 3 has to offer. For players who are looking to blast through the game in the most efficient way possible, there are certain mechanics put in place that will let them do just that. These shortcuts will allow players to access different important areas of the game at an earlier time. Additionally, once these shortcuts are open, they will stay unlocked in repeated playthroughs of the game.

Unlocking shortcuts in Hitman 3 only requires one item

There are a handful of shortcuts to discover throughout Hitman 3's locations. These areas are usually a door or vent that can be identified by its golden design. At first, it may seem like there's no way to get around these tempting obstacles, but it's actually quite easy. All the player needs is a Crowbar, and they're good to go. However, not every shortcut follows the same rule. Certain shortcuts may require the player to maneuver around to the other side of the door to unlock it. If a player is struggling to find them, YouTuber Easty compiled a playlist that details where to find each shortcut in the game.


Crowbars can be found in every level of the game. Unlocking a shortcut will give the player 1,000 XP and also contribute to the Shortcut Killer trophy achievement. There are a total of 17 shortcuts to find in the game that stay open when the player gets the itch to play Hitman 3 again. Unlocking these definitely offers a variety of speedrun routes, so be sure to grab a Crowbar and bust them open when you encounter a shortcut.