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Survey Reveals The Most Anticipated Game Of January 2021

The results are in, and according to 1.3K gamers recently polled by SVG, Hitman 3 is the most anticipated game of January 2021 worldwide.

Voters chose between five options, and none came close to Hitman 3's predominance with 58% of the vote. Given the crowded field of eagerly-awaited games coming out this year, the results indicate a widespread, intense excitement for release day when players get to jump into Agent 47's shoes and take down targets once again.


Hitman 3's high level of anticipation is no surprise given the game's existing success, not to mention the fact that players can import and explore locations from the first two parts of the trilogy in the concluding title. Access to the first two titles provides players with more than simply a three-in-one deal. It includes a comprehensive series refresh so Hitman fans can expect tech improvements that make the full trilogy smooth, streamlined, and more storage-friendly.

No PS5? No problem! Hitman 3 will also be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia, so gamers are free to enjoy this anticipated hit on the console of their choice.

Agent 47's runner-ups

Perhaps most exciting is what remains unknown about this highly anticipated game. Fans of the Hitman series know that the team at IO Interactive has a knack for keeping players on their toes and having a little fun in light of the intense nature of the game. 2019 brought surprise free updates to Hitman 2 for Halloween and the December holiday season, giving players the chance to embrace the seasonal, the spooky, and yes, even take out targets with snowballs.


As highly-anticipated as Hitman 3 is, the survey's runners-up are also something to look forward to. Second place went to the "Other" category with 18%, speaking to the variety of games players are excited to see dropping this month, including fan-cited titles like Sons of the Forest, Resident Evil Village, and the next God of War. Behind that was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, scoring 17%. The Medium and The Pedestrian brought up the rear, with a respective 6% and 1% of the vote.

Hitman 3's January 20 release date is sure to delight fans of this popular stealth action and adventure title. Here at Looper, we're already counting down the days!