We May Know The Location For One Of Overwatch 2's New Maps

Overwatch 2 was first teased in a pair of trailers released in November 2019. Since that point in time, details about the upcoming Overwatch sequel have been scarce. However, a recent interview shared by Blizzard about the development of Overwatch's latest Deathmatch map, Kanezaka, has provided fans of the franchise with a hint at what may be the location of one of Overwatch 2's new map additions. While far from definitive, in the absence of more concrete details, this is the closest Overwatch's developers have come in a good while to releasing new info about the next entry in the franchise.


The interview in question is with senior lighting artist Fabien Christin, associate art director Dion Rogers, senior artist Thiago Klafke, and senior level designer Morten Hedegren, all of whom worked on designing Kanezaka. Midway through, the unnamed interviewer asked, "If you could choose any location for a new Overwatch map, where would it be?"

In response, Christin and Hedegren simply answered that players would have to wait until Overwatch 2 to find out their picks, which will presumably end up in the game. Klafke, however, replied that he would most want a map based on Kraków, Poland.

On one hand, this could simply be Klafke deliberately choosing a location that he knows will not be included in Overwatch 2. On the other hand, since details about the upcoming sequel have remained minimal in the year or so since its announcement, this could be a genuine tease at Overwatch 2 content in advance of that information being released through a more official channel.


Klefke described Kraków as an ideal location for an Overwatch map due to its combination of historic architecture and open plazas. He went on to explain that having lived in Brazil and California, he finds Kraków's European architecture exotic by comparison.

This isn't the first potential Overwatch 2 tease to result from Kanezaka's addition to the base Overwatch game. A billboard in Kanezaka features Brit, a mecha pilot that some are theorizing will be implemented as a playable hero in Overwatch 2.

Upon Overwatch 2's release, its new maps, characters, and game modes will be playable by those who own only the original Overwatch game. However, a new campaign mode will remain a feature only accessible by those who have purchased the sequel. A release date has remained undetermined since its announcement in November 2019.