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The Paimon Fan Theories That Have Genshin Impact Players Buzzing

Fans of the massively successful Genshin Impact are looking for answers to the unknown history of the main character's sidekick, Paimon. From the start of the award-winning game, players are introduced to Paimon, a sarcastic, comedic, floating character that follows the player around, helping him or her in various ways.


However, the only thing the game explains to players is that Paimon was literally fished up by the player, and now Paimon wants to be the best guide she can be. The game's developer, miHoYo, hasn't given fans any concrete answers as to Paimon's origins. However, Paimon fan theories are popping up, prompting plenty of discussion in the community.

It's worth remembering that there are a ton of unknowns in Genshin Impact that have been made clear with game updates. Fans may learn the origins of Paimon in future updates, but these fan theories are ideas for what could be on the horizon.

Paimon is the Unknown God or related to her

In the opening scene for Genshin Impact, the playable characters are seen fighting a character referred to as the Unknown God. She's shown separating the siblings, as well as sending the player to Teyvat.


Right now, there isn't anything in the game that fully explains the Unknown God or Paimon, so fans have started putting the two together because of a variety of similarities. AreYouolZ explains this theory on their YouTube channel. AreYouolZ's video illustrates connections between Paimon's hair clip and the portals that the Unknown God creates, their similar capes, and the resemblance in their appearances.

However, many players, including AreYoulZ, don't necessarily think this proves anything. As explained in the same video, Paimon's status as the mascot of Genshin Impact makes it difficult to believe that she's the villain who could eventually be done away with. On top of that, the color schemes of Paimon and the Unknown God differ. In fact, some of their colors are opposite on the color wheel, and AreYoulZ notes that this is important in video games.


Still, this theory makes you question how loyal the player should be to Paimon throughout the game.

Paimon is a deity like Barbatos

This Paimon fan theory looks deep into the mythical figure of Paimon outside of Genshin Impact to draw a few conclusions.

Paimon's name originates from Lesser Key of Solomon, a book from the 1600s that looks at the various demons aligned with Lucifer — and which has inspired demonic characters from such films as Hereditary. This isn't the only time Genshin Impact has used names from the book. Barbatos and Morax (also spelled Marax), two other god characters in the game, also have origins from the same book.


This would mean that there are more gods yet to be revealed in Genshin Impact, including some that players might have run into. Players have seen Barbatos in person with Venti, and if Paimon happens to be another god, then there are potentially more characters players could encounter that are deities. The idea that Paimon is a deity similar to Venti/Barbatos could have drastic impacts on the storyline down the road.

Paimon is the Unknown God's ELF

Genshin Impact is not the first game to come from Mihoyo, and it's actually related to Honkai Impact 3. MiHoYo writers have confirmed that the games are set in the same universe, but the exact connection isn't known yet.


However, fans have started realizing that the connection might lie in Paimon. A popular fan theory is that Paimon could actually be an ELF from Honkai Impact 3. Essentially, ELFs are floating companions, and that definitely sounds like Paimon. Again, this theory goes back to the Unknown God, but with a twist. Fans believe that the Unknown God could be Goddess Kiana from Honkai Impact 3, and Paimon her ELF. 

If this fan theory proves to be true, then players will finally know how the two gacha games from miHoYo connect, and it could mean that Genshin Impact is the continuation of Honkai Impact 3.