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We Finally Know What 912 Lbs Of PlayStation Looks Like

Have you spent many a sleepless night tossing and turning, tormented by the question, "What would 912 lbs of PlayStation consoles look like?" If so, you're in luck, because the answer is finally here. Selling clothes by the pound is not an unusual practice for thrift stores. Consoles on the other hand...


Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth has listed an overwhelming supply of used PlayStation consoles weighing in at 912 lbs. The box appears to contain a variety of models ranging from PS2 to PS4, though there could very well be some PS1s peppered throughout (and those who are extra desperate to get their hands on a PS5 shouldn't hold their breath). The consoles are, of course, untested, and "some items have damage and or wear." With a starting bid of $800, the box is already getting some action.

What does one do with so many PlayStations? Are there gamers out there hoping to curate the single largest collection of PlayStation consoles, working or otherwise? Are there those who want to turn their gaming hobby into an exercise routine? Perhaps someone is trying to get an early jump on the holidays.


The retro gaming market has been on fire for years. Resellers have dominated the space by buying used games and consoles, repairing those that don't work, and turning them around for a profit. It makes sense that video game resellers could see this auction as a potential goldmine, but would they be able to sell all those consoles and earn enough profit to make such an investment worthwhile?

The hot item right now is PlayStation 5. Everyone wants to get their hands on this elusive console. In fact, the PS5 launch caused an uproar because scalpers got their hands on stock before many consumers had the chance.

The next-gen scalper problem is only getting worse, and it may not go away for a while. Because it's so difficult to secure the newest PlayStation, it could be that some resellers are having a hard time stocking up on Sony products and are looking to this auction as a new opportunity. Eager Sony fans who are wary of taking a gamble and buying a PS5 on eBay could potentially want to pick up an older PlayStation in the interim, though such a situation does not seem likely. 

Whatever the case may be, as of this article's publication, at the current bid, 912 lbs of PlayStation consoles will run you only a few hundred bucks more than a single PlayStation 5.