The Deadly Fortnite Glitch You'll Never See Coming

"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man." No, in fact, it's a glitch in the latest update to Fortnite. Players have already found a way to hack the newest version by using an invisibility cloak indefinitely, according to a new video from YouTuber Glitch King.


Epic Games pays homage to the fearsome Yautja Hunters, more commonly known as the Predators from the titular film, in Fortnite's version 15.21. The alien was introduced as a roaming boss on Jan. 20 in Chapter 2 – Season 5. After defeating it, players unlock the Predator skin and its cloaking device. Normally, players can use the alien cloaking technology for just 30 seconds at a time with a 30-second cooldown. Equipping a weapon will automatically cancel the cloaking device and reveal the player.

But, as Glitch King pointed out, players can hack the cloak to make it last indefinitely. According to the YouTuber, after equipping the cloaking device, players will go invisible. When the invisibility cloak begins "blinking," Glitch King said to disconnect your internet for about 15-20 seconds and then reconnect it. The process will reportedly allow your character to remain invisible throughout the duration of the match.


Similar invisibility devices have appeared in Fortnite in the past, such as Shadow Stones back in 2018. The stones granted players certain powers, including a 45-second period of semi-invisibility that left a faint purple trail when moving. Epic Games immediately ran into issues with the Shadow Stones and had to disable them for an undisclosed reason.

It seems the Predator cloak also needs some work, but unlike the Shadow Stones, it allows a greater degree of invisibility. A faint outline of the character is still somewhat visible at close range but is nearly impossibly to see farther away. The Hunters from the Predator films managed to go invisible for seemingly indefinite periods when hunting down their prey, so at least the new glitch fits the canon lore.

Fortnite has had its share of glitches that players were quick to share and take advantage of. Glitch King's video began with the disclaimer that the videos are there to "help game developers." It's possible Epic Games will disable the invisibility cloak until it can fix the glitch, but so far nothing has been announced.