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Fans May Have Figured Out The Next Fortnite Crossover

A new teaser posted on the Fortnite Twitter account has helped strengthen fan theories that the next hunter themed crossover character joining the battle royale game will arrive from the Terminator universe.

The tweet in question is relatively straightforward, consisting of a 30-second audio clip in which Agent Jonesy, Fortnite's multiverse traveling hero recruiter, describes his newest target. He describes a character who has dealt with "impending global doom, time travel, (and) paradoxes," before stating that "she'll fit right in." Considering Fortnite's current theme of adding iconic hunter personas to the game, including the Predator, Kratos, and the Mandolorian, fans have put their money on The Terminator's Sarah Connor joining the roster next.

That teaser supports some recent discoveries both within the Fortnite world and amongst the community in support of a new Terminator character. The most convincing in-game evidence comes from a new Zero Point Portal that appeared on the map on Jan. 20 with the 15.21 patch, possibly showing the Cyberdyne Lab from the films. These portals have offered cues to new additions before, such as when a growling portal predicted the arrival of a new Walking Dead set of cosmetics in Dec. 2020.

After the latest portal appeared, Fortnite's dedicated community of data miners went to work and managed to uncover some additional clues that pointed towards Sarah Connor. Data miner ShiinaBR revealed that the new portal was assigned the name Typhoon. Digging into the code, the leaker found that the only new skin associated with that codename was labeled TyphoonFemale. While there had been speculation before the portal's appearance that TyphoonFemale might be Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, fans now seem to feel that Sarah Connor is the more likely candidate.

The only hangup for that otherwise solid prediction is the caption for the tweet, which reads, "A ruthless machine and a protector for the future." While an iconic character from the Terminator universe, Sarah Connor is perhaps the franchise's most famous human character. The ruthless machine that defines the series is, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger's titular Terminator. This description, along with the tweet's specific wording, has led some fans to hope that the reveal will include both Sarah Connor and the Terminator. 

Whatever Epic Games and Jonesy have in store for Fortnite fans, there shouldn't be too long of a wait to find out. After all, it took barely a week for the new Predator skin to arrive after leakers found clues hinting at its arrival earlier this month.