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Bugsnax Almost Had A Different Ending

Bugsnax, the cute, food-themed creature game that was one of the PS5's weirdest launch titles, could have ended in a very dark way (not that it doesn't already).

The zany adventure has one of the most bizarre endings fans have seen in a while. Essentially, the conclusion of Bugsnax reveals that bugsnax have begun forcing themselves into NPCs to turn them into weird, Frankenstein's-creature-but-food monsters. Even NPCs who have no desire to eat the cute critters are involuntarily forced to gobble them down by the bugsnax themselves. You see, the bugsnax want to create more of themselves and take over the world one person at a time.


This ending might seem contradictory to the casual, light gameplay of the rest of the story. In a wild turn of events, Kevin Zuhn, creative director and writer of Bugsnax, said things could've been much, much worse. "We knew from the outset that bugsnax were dangerous parasites," Zuhn explained to Kotaku. "At some point there was an even worse ending where the Grumpuses become snak-craving zombies that eat each other and then you. So if anything, the game got lighter and sillier over time!"

Zuhn also noted that the bugsnax weren't always so cute, either. In early versions of the game, the character designs were much less adorable, emphasizing the bugsnax's questionable intentions.

The interview also shed some light on how game designers kept up with all the silly names in the game by using Excel spreadsheets, and how even though the game seems innocent, no character should be trusted. "You should take what Snorpy says with a big grain of salt, because like all the characters in this story, he is only ever half-right," Zuhn divulged. Who knows what sort of misinformation could lead to future stories in the Bugsnax universe?


For fans who want to see more Bugsnax in the future, there's still hope. Zuhn exclaimed, "definitely not done working on Bugsnax yet. I know I'd hate to leave that plot thread hanging forever!" when asked about a particularly gripping storyline involving the Grumpunati. Based on this, there might be more Bugsnax in the future, either in DLC form or as a sequel.

Considering Bugsnax is a relatively short game with lots of hidden areas to uncover, there's plenty of room for growth and exploration.