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Small Details You Missed In The Resident Evil: Village Showcase Trailer

Anticipation for Resident Evil: Village has been building for quite some time. Early in 2020, some pretty wild rumors were circulating that suggested the game could be more supernatural in nature than previous installments in the franchise. Since then, more details have to light, with a trailer and a release date set for some time in 2021. A more specific date was later leaked, allowing fans to take note and start saving money.


On January 21, the Resident Evil Showcase finally arrived to offer fans more insight into the upcoming eighth installment, including a new Resident Evil: Village trailer.

It opens to a dreamy vision with an echoing voice signaling what appears to be a memory. "Hey now... think positively, alright? We talked about this," says the off-screen voice (presumably the man speaking to the woman approaching the camera). The screen goes dark before the response comes: "I know. We hardly talk about anything else." One might assume these are the voices of Ethan Winters and his wife, Mia. If so, you may come to the conclusion that there's some marital strife, and that Ethan has gotten them into a dangerous situation.


From there, the trailer takes us to a castle. Inside, a woman speaks to "Mother Miranda" over the phone, warning her that Ethan Winters has escaped. She then explains that he occupies her castle and is more than her daughters can "handle." The subject of a ceremony comes up, and the woman vows that she will not let Mother Miranda down.

A man (presumably Ethan Winters) asks what is happening while a montage of images begins. A woman's voice (likely his wife Mia) then says, "The place is full of nothing but blood and death." That kicks off a montage of first-person gameplay footage. Dungeons and chambers are explored, complete with an obligatory zombie attack.

The woman who was on the phone earlier appears throughout the remainder of the trailer, and at one point has two cloaked women standing by her side. One can only assume that these are the daughters she was referring to during her phone call. The daughters also appear throughout, manifesting from a swarm of bugs.

Special attention is called to a baby, who is briefly shown being passed from one person to another. This could very well be Ethan and Mia's baby, who might play a key role in the "ceremony," as a closeup on the child suggests that viewers should take note.


At the very end of the trailer, Ethan is approached by a man in a hat and sunglasses with long hair, a beard, and a large weapon slung over his shoulder. It's clear from the trailer that this man, the woman, and her daughters are after Ethan, but what exactly did he do to awaken their wrath?

Resident Evil: Village is slated for release on May 7, 2021.