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Resident Evil Wants $1500 More From You. Will You Pay It?

In the world of Resident Evil, survival is key. When waging war against an army of the undead, it's also important that you look your absolute best. That's why Ada Wong is usually rocking a classy dress or an expensive-looking coat during her adventures. To celebrate the impending release of Resident Evil Village, Capcom has debuted an official replica of Chris Redfield's coat from the new game. The coat is currently available to purchase through the official Japanese website for Resident Evil Village. However, if you're looking to emulate the style of one of Resident Evil's most persistent protagonists, you're going to want to start breaking those piggy banks. 


Video game fashion doesn't come cheap. The official Chris Redfield coat will set you back 159,731 yen — approximately $1,500. According to a translation from Tech Radar, the coat comes in a few different sizes: medium, large, extra large, and "Original Model." This last style is apparently tailored to Chris Redfield's in-game size from Resident Evil Village. It's unclear exactly what that size is, but fans of the series have taken note of Chris' evolution throughout the series, going from a lanky youngster in the first game to the absolute unit seen in the trailers for the latest entry. Basically, you can count on the "Original Model" version of the jacket to be large and in charge. Just imagine if Capcom released an "Original Model" dress for RE Village's tall vampire lady. Is there even enough fabric in the world?


The coat is also available as part of the Resident Evil Village Complete Set Collector's Edition, currently available for preorder in Japan. This release of the game comes with the game and a whole host of other geeky goodies, including a steelbok case for the game itself, an art book, and a statue of Chris Redfield (rocking his big, bad, buttonless coat, naturally). This collector's set will cost you an even bigger chunk of change: 192,500 yen, which comes out to around $1,800 (translation via Bloody Disgusting).

The Chris Redfield RE Village coat is the latest piece of expensive Capcom fashion to hit the market. Last week, Ark/8 debuted a replica of Claire Redfield's jacket from the Resident Evil 2 remake. At the time, it seemed like the jacket was a bit too pricey, ringing up at a cool $450. Now, Claire's jacket seems almost reasonably priced when compared to her big brother's coat.