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You Can Now Pay $450 To Dress Like This Resident Evil 2 Remake Character

Just hours before the hotly anticipated Resident Evil: Village showcase on January 21, Belgian clothing company Ark/8 announced a new design in its portfolio: the Claire Redfield Leather Jacket. Now, fans can finally dress up like their favorite TerraSave member, and favorite little sister. However, buying the jacket will set fans back a cool $450.


Of course, the jacket looks breathtakingly screen-accurate and stylish. It features genuine lamb leather, a special treatment for a softer feel and "two-tone effect," six zippers, and snaps at the collar to customize fit. Most importantly, the jacket has Claire's signature angel with large wings embossed on the back, along with the words "Made in Heaven." The jacket replicates Claire's in-game outfit from the Resident Evil 2 remake down to the tiny details, but that doesn't necessarily mean that gamers will want to toss out nearly five hundred dollars to look like a Resident Evil character.

In response to Ark/8's Twitter announcement, several fans expressed their frustration over the price of the jacket. One fan tweeted that even though she wants the jacket, $450 is a lot of money. Another would-be customer bemoaned the fact that Ark/8 does not include a vegan option for its leather jacket. While Ark/8 responded that it would be open to creating a non-leather version in the future, the website does not currently feature such a product. While the price is a bit steep, one Twitter user points out that the jacket seems to be high quality, produced on a small scale, and potentially long-lasting. Others just wondered when preorders for Resident Evil: Village will begin.


Preorders for the jacket are open now on Ark/8's website, but purchasers shouldn't expect to receive the goods until July 2021. Ark/8 has noted that the jacket is a limited edition item, so interested parties might want to go ahead and preorder while they're still available.

Claire Redfield has been a beloved member of the Resident Evil series cast since the original Resident Evil 2. Capcom released a remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2019, which outsold its original version

At the moment, here are several projects for Resident Evil fans to get excited about, including a reboot of the film franchise, a Netflix-produced television series, and the upcoming installment in the main game series, Resident Evil: Village. Whether or not fans will be playing the new game or watching the new show while wearing Claire Redfield's jacket depends on how much money they are willing to part with.